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Our Volunteer, Libby!

“Do we have a volunteer?”

From the back of the crowd a hand shot up. A short, dirty-blonde haired girl hopped up and down, waving her arm, desperately stretching it above the rest.

Amy, the nurse giving the tour of the Student Body Rental Center, spotted the amber-eyed woman’s obviously beaming face. It was a welcome contrast to the rest of the drowsy, early morning tour group that ambled from room to room.

Summoned to the front with a wave, the pale freckled woman responded with a giddy giggle and practically danced up beside Amy.

“Welcome. First time in the center?” The nurse asked. “What’s your name? Tell us a little about yourself.”

“Yes miss. First time. I’m Libby.” She said with a slight British accent. “Thank you for choosing me. I’m just visiting for the week and wanted to see what the Center was really like. Let’s see, I like writing stories and poetry but I’m not famous or anything, not yet at least. After I graduate I want to be a historian.”

“Well, thank you for volunteering Libby. I’m guessing that you already know exactly what getting blanked means?”

“It makes a person a fuckdoll.” Libby clapped, her shoulders scrunching up with excitement. “It turns your brain into a hot, horny mess and makes you want to just melt every time you get touched.”

“Well,” Amy blinked. The thin mask of professionalism she wore for these mundane tours cracked into a smile. “Sounds like you’ve done your research. You could say that it ramps up a person’s sexuality and washes away their personality for a while. Have you ever been blanked before?”

“No miss.” Libby answered. “We don’t yet have it where I’m from but I’ve always wanted to try. It sounds so nice, sitting back and letting someone do whatever they want to your body.” Libby let out a deep, longing sigh, lost in a flash of such a sensual daydream.

Amy pulled out a syringe and started dutifully droning on about the chemical composition of its contents. That lecture was lost to Libby, who couldn’t help but adore the feeling that she was on exhibit. She felt so  suddenly aware of her body tucked neatly behind her favorite shirt and some shorts. The urge to show herself to the crowd, and in turn to be judged and wanted by them all, made her feel hot.

“Miss Libby?”

“Yes?” She snapped out her daydream.

“Would you like to stay clothed or remove them for this?”

“I’m allowed to take off my clothes?” Libby’s freckles were drowned by her flushing red cheeks.

“Blanks often find them very stimulating.” Amy answered. “Don’t want you to soak your shorts, hun.”

“I’ll take them off.” Libby said. She bit her lip in breathless excitement. She’d always dreamed of doing something like this. Many of her friends and her whole class was there watching. They’d all be able to see her. Every pretty, toned curve of her body would be on display for them. What would everyone think once they saw her nude? More than that, everyone would soon see her as a brainless doll drunk on her own lust. Would they enjoy watching her as she lapped up every intoxicating gaze?

Libby stole a glance at the crowd as she pulled off her shirt. Their excited gasps were nearly as arousing as any drug the nurse could offer her. She felt she could lose herself and masturbate right there. Almost without noticing her hands moving, Libby slipped her fingers into her belt and undid the buckle. As they hung loosely on her hips, she snuck a desperate little caress between her legs.

Her body quivered.

She pulled her hand back, bashful and blushing. Had anyone caught her indiscretion? What could she tease from them with another touch? She hoped her classmates, and the cute redhead she’d met on the tour, could see the damp spot blooming on her panties.

Her thin fingers hooked around her shorts and slid them over her smooth legs. They were off with a little kick. Her bra was next, then underwear. Libby especially enjoyed the hushed wows as she’d pulled off each. Now she stood shyly in the Center’s lobby, gently covering the sensitive parts of her body with her hands.

As the nurse lectured on about the shot, and the blue collar the clinic gave each blanked visitor, Libby’s mind batted at the lusty thoughts bouncing around inside her head. The sensual, gentle shame from a hundred people watching bloomed excitement in her. What would happen next once she got the shot? Would they watch her collapse into a horny mess? Would they pet her, teasing out a few minutes of sensual bliss while her brain was on vacation? When everything that made her who she was got washed away, and she was nothing more than a pretty doll for people to use, would someone use her body to pump out their urges inside her?

Her eyes scanned the crowd, hunting for the cute redhead in glasses that she’d met earlier. They had just started to flirt a little; before Libby had volunteered herself to be blanked so enthusiastically. She’d struck up a conversation, mostly about how her home treated sexuality and how visiting the University felt. She had figured out that her new friend was a reporter, given all the questions, but hadn’t yet caught her name.

Libby, feeling emboldened by the attention her nude body commanded, collected the clothing she had shed and went up to the reporter, asking for her to hold them.

“If you’d like,” Libby leaned up against the redhead’s ear, “you can use me once I’m blanked.”

Pulling back, Libby caught the reporter’s bright blue eyes helping themselves to every part of her. For that lingering second, Libby wished that she could run off with the stranger and explore each other’s bodies until they were both sweaty soaked messes in some back alley somewhere. Just the thought of it made her wetness start to run down her leg.

“I’d like to have you later too, after all of you is back.” The girl now holding her clothes gave her a wink. “By the way. My name is Cassie, Cassie Quinn.”

Libby beamed.

“All ready?” Amy interrupted, brandishing the injector.

Libby nodded. She was only half paying attention. Her new friend waved her off to have her fun.

“Good girl.” Amy said as Libby returned. “Tell them all your name again and what you do?”

PotluckSoup — Libby Blanked

“I’m Libby.” She waved. “And I’m a writer.”

“Give me your chin.”

Libby obeyed, resting her chin in Amy’s hand. The nurse’s fingers tightened firmly around her cheeks.

“I’ll be right here, so no need for a collar.” Amy said to the girl. “Plus, this is just a microdose. It’ll only last for about 5 minutes but you can have just as much fun as your little heart wishes.”

“Thank you.” Libby whispered.

Then, a prick of pain the side of her neck.

PotluckSoup — Libby Blanked

Libby could tell that the nurse was counting down but after a second she couldn’t quite follow along. Numbers, and the complicated art of counting them, became a silly thing. So many thoughts that seemed so important a second ago became hazy, distant things.

With every beat of her heart, Libby found it harder and harder to focus. She could still remember a bit. Her name was Libby. She was naked. There was a cute redhead watching her hungrily. She was getting blanked right now. Right, she’d always wanted that.

All of it.

After another second she felt light. A blooming warmth fluttered across her body. The gentle hand holding her chin was as pleasant as a sensual caress. Now, even simple thoughts became harder to grasp. They boiled away, every complicated bit of them bubbled into vapor.

Crowd. Good. Naked. Good. Girl. Pretty.



One second more.

A hot, tingling flush licked up the Libby’s thighs and blossomed across her body. A last weak-kneed giggle escaped her. Then, a gasp chased by a desperate, needy moan that dripped out of her lips.

Waves of endorphins buffeted the woman’s mind, smoothing and soothing it. Her heart raced, and every beat made her body feel hotter and insatiably needy. Each breath was steamy, hot with want. Every muscle, every soft pretty inch of her desperate for touch, to be worshiped and used and fucked again and again.

“…Two. One.” Amy stepped behind the blank.

PotluckSoup — Libby Blanked

“Usually,” Amy addressed the tour group, “we give the blank a number. Any questions so far?”

A few hands shot up.

“Yes you.” Amy picked on the reporter holding Libby’s clothes.

“Can I use her?” Cassie asked.

Amy nodded and, taking the blank by her chin again, lead her over to the redhead. She explained to the tourists that it was the point of the blanking drug. It gave the recipient a break from their lives. It was a minute, an hour, a day where they could just not be themselves; a vacation in drug form. They could indulge in their deepest sexual desires and wake up afterwards, rested and refreshed.

Cassie didn’t hear a word of it. She dropped the pile of clothes to the floor and wrapped her arms around the blank’s waist. The blank looked so happy as she found her way to Cassie’s neck, where it was nuzzling it with her soft lips. A muffle squeal sealed their lips together as their mouths desperately locked again and again.

Cassie pulled the blank away, taking her by the neck. With her free hand she petted up along the blank’s leg, up to her inner thighs, and further still until her cool fingers pressed against the hot dampness between her legs. The blank quivered, a new rush of lust buckling her knees. Cassie’s fingers petted as the blank’s hips rocked back and forth on them, lulling the blank deeper and deeper into its euphoric dream.

PotluckSoup — Libby Blanked

Cassie lost herself in the dominating pleasure, tore off her shirt and commanded the blanked girl to touch her. Knowing nothing but pleasure for its new master’s command, the mindless girl obeyed. She licked up Cassie’s smooth stomach and nipped tenderly at her nipples.

Cassie gasped, giggled, and redoubled her domination of the blank. Taking her by the shoulders she threw the blank up against the Center’s cool brick walls. Pressing the dirty blonde’s face up against it, Cassie cupped the woman’s pussy in her hands from behind. She rubbed the blank’s body deeper and deeper into its mindless submission. The crowd watched breathlessly; enraptured by the desperate moans and the wet slapping of Cassie’s hand against the blank’s wanting pussy.

Cassie slunk up again the blank’s ear, her chin resting on her shoulder.

“Can you feel everyone watching me use you?” She said with a whisper. Something deep within the blank’s body responded. Her hips pushed harder against the caressing touch. Cassie obliged her new pet’s desperate plea. She slipped up and into the blank’s body, gently petting its soft, velvet and damp insides now.

The blank’s body buckled and twitched as it was fucked by its master. Cassie released her neck and pushed her head down until she was folded over at the hips. The blank pushed against the wall with her own hands now, pushing back so that her hips rocked over her master’s hand. The touch, deep inside her, found the spot that would turn the washing waves of endorphins in her dummy brain into a crashing hurricane.

She howled moans out now. Cassie looked back to the crowd, who had pulled out their phones to record the scene. She grunted a laugh.

“Everyone can see how much of a horny little slut you really are Libby.” She leaned forward, her lips against the blanks ear. “Now every time your classmates see you, they’ll remember me using your slutty body like a mindless fucktoy.”

The blank broke. Her body shuddered. Cassie pulled her fingers from her new friend’s mindless body and let the convulsing woman squirt her boundless pleasure onto the Center’s concrete floor.

Cassie released her borrowed pet, whose body slapped against the wall. The blank’s body folded over meekly. Her shoulders slunk to the floor as she dropped to her knees. Her hips, her ass, and her pussy propped up by the rest of her body for the whole crowd to see. Slumping, then tumbling forward, she became a soggy knot of a body on the floor. Her hips were now squarely above her head and her master beyond them, looking down proudly. With one last shudder, her used pussy convulsed, squirting the blank’s pleasure over her bare breasts and face.

A warm splash across Libby’s face made her confused.

Where was she? Why was there a cute redhead standing over her? Why were there a fluttering giddiness in her stomach? Her body shuddered; an aftershock of a sensual dream that had sundered something deep inside her.

Looking up, her gaze met a very proud looking Cassie. Why was she standing over her like that? There was a vague flash of memory, a sensual sort of nostalgia for a far-off thing. Lips on her own. Hands on her body. Fingers petting, begging an orgasmic wave to wash out of her. The taste and feeling of her own wetness.

Also, she realized, she was very upside-down. Her bare body spread to an awed, clamoring crowd. The haze in her mind started to clear. She was at the Clinic. She’d been blanked. Remembering that brought flashback of the pleasure that rippled deep inside her, one last crash of endorphins within her addled brain.

“How was it?” The nurse asked, squatting down to help Libby right herself.

Libby blinked hard. It was a still little hard for her to form the right words.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Cassie helped Libby to her feet. “Have a nice dream?” Libby nodded, still struggling to collect her shattered thoughts.

Amy offered her a cloth bundle. It took Libby a moment more to realize it was her clothes. Only now did she fully recognize that she was naked. More than that, she was covered with her own wetness.

“Sorry I made such a mess.” Libby said meekly. She wasn’t. If Cassie had commanded it she would have bent right over again to let those gentle caresses tease her into a soaking mess again and again until she was so exhausted someone would have to carry her out of the Center.

Instead she felt soft pressure around her neck. Cassie had stolen away Libby’s belt from the bundle of her discarded clothing and was looping it around her newfound pet.

“Come on now, let’s take you for a little walk.” Cassie said.

“Yes please.” Libby nodded. “Does that mean we get to play again?”

“Of course. But first? I want to show off how good and used you are.”

“Thank you miss.” Libby beamed.

“Come on,” Cassie tugged Libby’s improvised leash. “We have a tour to finish.” She pointed at the crowd who was moving along towards the area of the Center filled with specialized play rooms. The nurse was letting them peek in each room. Behind every door the excited sounds of sweaty exertion greeting the crowds.

Thanks to Our Volunteer, LibertyWaltzWriting!

Originally on Twitter I asked which character you all would like to see get blanked. Libby’s enthusiasm pushed his in-universe avatar right to the front of the line. I must also doubly thank his for his efforts in reviewing and editing this story. I assure you, if there are errors, they are all my fault and not his!

If you haven’t yet read Libby’s stories go on and follow him on Twitter @LibertyWaltz. Check out his wonderful characters over at Literotica, especially if you are looking for some wonderfully kinky stories about exhibitionism and incest!

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