Writing/Scene Commission Spot

Sometimes, having just a picture of your OC just isn’t enough. You know that story you’ve been thinking about again and again? Well, when the urge hits, it’s time to bring your character to life in a fully illustrated flash fiction or short story!

Scenes come in all sorts and styles. Illustrations can be color, line-art, or just a quick sketch. Stories can be anywhere between a sentence and thousands of words. You can choose to combo illustration and a story or just choose one or the other. Let your imagination go wild! Or, if you’re just not sure what is best and what you can afford, email me at [email protected] or PM me on twitter. I’m happy to chat about making your story come to life.

Due to the time invested in creation, each month I open ONLY 1–2 writing scene commissions. To reserve a spot, please email [email protected]! After you reserve your spot, I’ll send you an email to get details on the commission itself and a quote on how much it will cost. If you okay it you’ll be billed via Paypal and the commission creation will begin!



Custom scenes are not cheap! The rate is $50/hr. Expect an illustration to be between 4–10 hours depending on complexity and expect the story to be anywhere between 1–6 hours, depending on length and complexity. If you’re worried about the cost or want a quote without committing to a commission slot, email me at [email protected]. and I can help out.

Usual turn times for commissions are two weeks. Flash fiction will be delivered as a high-res digital file (PSD and JPG). Short stories will be delivered as a PDF with any illustrations included. Once it’s all done, are free to do whatever you want with these commissions (excluding reselling them).

Scene/Writing Commission Samples

  • A Cowgirl for the Weekend — A black and white illustration plus a 3.5k word short story.
  • Manhandled —  A full color illustration with a <200 word flash fiction story.
  • Our Volunteer, Libby — A combination of four sketch illustrations and a full 2.6k word short story.

Commission Rules

  • Both NSFW + SWF content is allowed. (You must be 18+ for either.)
  • Each scene or story may have as many or as few characters or scenes as you want.
  • You are very welcome to include any PotluckSoup characters.
  • Fanart or art of an original character are both allowed.
  • If you would like original characters, please have a description, reference pics, or reference info ready.
  • For people’s safety and privacy, please don’t send any explicit or revealing photos as references.
  • If you are basing your character or story on real-life people, please make sure to have their explicit and enthusiastic consent before asking for a commission.
  • If your story is based on a public figure, celebrity, or some such “famous” person; consider creating an OC that is similar or loosely based on that person’s likeness. You’ll have a lot more fun with it, it’ll spare a real person’s feelings, and will give you more personal freedom in creating scenes and interactions!
  • If you have a certain kink you’d like highlighted in the commission, include it in the description or else I won’t know to add it.
  • No extreme gore, guro, viscera, gibs, or other explicit graphic violence.
  • No characters that are children, loli, minors, children, kiddos, babinos, tykes, tots, teens, youngsters, youth, underage in either mind or body, or underage looking in general.
  • No hateful content.

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