Who is PotluckSoup?

I’m a person who makes pretty drawings and designs when I’m not being PotluckSoup. When I am, I’m posting erotica flash-fiction, short stories, and novellas. I also like making illustrations to go with those stories. If you’re into BDSM, freeuse, hypno, and wholesome content, then stick around or give me a follow. The best place to follow me for day to day posts, sketches, and updates is currently Twitter.

But why is PotluckSoup?

Partially I started writing on Tumblr in 2018 just to practice. I chose to write erotica because I like reading it and I wanted to illustrate BDSM in a way that wasn’t so super serious. Old BDSM style is all splinters, and cold metal, and grey and black. Why? Why does BDSM have to be stuck with 80’s grunge tropes?

Lets have colorful BDSM! Pinks and reds and all sorts of happy people doing exciting and dirty things to each other and just having a good time with it. Lets get a new flavor of BDSM, a wholesome BDSM, you know?

What sort of stuff do you draw?

BDSM, especially with a freeuse, hypno, submission, domination, exhibitionism, or bondage tilt. I feel like that’s the obvious one if you poke around my posts or my Twitter. I prefer generally sex-positive things with people enjoying and consenting to the sexual encounters too.

I also try to mix it up and represent all sort of people too. Why? Well as it turns out, all sorts of people get horny. No matter the race, gender, shape, or place – humanity is 100% H O R N Y.

Do you offer commissions?

To be honest I’m still flattered people want me to draw things for them. I rarely have commissions open but, when I do, I let people know on my Twitter and here. If you count yourself among these lovely people, you can grab a spot on my commission queue over in my shop.

I love your style! What inspired it?

Thanks very much! I’m so excited to see how much people have liked it. Furry and Rule34 art both have an abundance of colorful and expressive art. I always thought BDSM stuff was so grim. It’s all black leather and chrome. It’s so damn serious looking — and the wood. Why is there so much wood? What about splinters? Lets make some lighthearted BSDM art, I thought, and here we are.

My illustration style and the short-story layouts I do are heavily influenced by mid 1900’s American illustration. In particular mid-century cheesecake/pin-ups, “good-girl art“,  and the short comic styles seen in Playboy magazine. Norman Rockwell, Doug Sneyd (like, so much), Gil Elvgren,  and Dean Yeagle were all artists that are inspiring in general, but are especially inspiring for me.

Do you have any tips on getting started with creating art?

The best way is to start practicing and studying from real life. I wasted a lot of time when I started trying to copy certain styles when I should have been just practicing things like composition, line and anatomy.

Do real life studies. Do your best to find photos that aren’t heavily edited to study from. They’ll help you learn light, muscle and skeletal structure more accurately. Once you start feeling comfortable with figure, you can start doing more wild poses. You’ll develop your own style slowly and naturally.

Also, Loomis’ books are a good start for learning figure.

For learning how to use color, check out James Gurney’s books. He’s the painter behind the series Dinotopia and is a wizard when it comes to color and light. His book is literally called “Color and Light” and it’s a must read if you want to do any sort of art. Seriously his stuff is so good.

Do you take requests?

I do! Anyone is free to make requests. Those get added to my little request list and I try to get to them when I can. If you’re looking something specific and want to see it any time soon, consider commissioning me. You all can email me requests at [email protected]. Please put REQUEST or COMMISSION in the title so I know it’s not spam.

Have you ever thought of making like a little comic/game/etc with your art?

I’d love to be making comics and more long-form stories. Maybe a dating sim one day even. (I can dream right?)  Right now my day job keeps me super busy but in a good way. The more commissions, sales and support I get as Potlucksoup, the more I’ll be able to focus on it and create more and more content!

Would you draw non-original characters?

Normally I try to stick to my characters for short and long stories. I do sometimes post fan art and you’re always welcome to make requests. But, if you are looking for me to create fan-art or draw your personal original characters, the best route would be to commission me for that.

I ordered a book/illustration/something from your store but didn't get a confirmation email or a download link.

If this happens, check your SPAM folder. Sometimes the store’s emails get stowed away there. If that still doesn’t work, email me at [email protected] and I’ll help you out.

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