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A Gentle Dare

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“Samantha. This night is wild and you are as lovely as can be!” Manon smiled as the last bit of her clothing fluttered to the floor. “If you are shy, you can keep your clothes on.”

“It’s a dare, Manon. Sam will give a way worse punishment if we don’t do it.”

“I will. I will. I wi-eee-ll!” Samantha’s roommate sang.

Despite the volume of the song, Samantha barely heard. Her attention was directed, in nervous little peeks, over to the other players still sitting on her own bed. There were two guys there. One she had pined for since they’d first met during their first weeks in Yeagle Hall. He was a handsome, broad-shouldered, brown haired man from a few doors down named Josh. His roommate Jack was the other.

“You dared me to put on these kinky little cuffs.” Manon interrupted. She pulled Samantha aside and held up her own wrists, showing the heavy cuffs on them.

“Sam dared made me wear this too.” She tugged at the heavy leather collar around her neck. “Plus, I am au natural. Yet, with all that and all Sam’s flirting, his eyes have only been on you this whole night.” Manon smiled and gave Josh a friendly wave. He didn’t notice. Instead his eyes caught one of Samantha’s quick peeks. Both of them looked away from one another as quickly as they could have.

“He thinks you are lovely. It’s clear to see. Why not just ask his feelings if you are unsure about them?” Manon ran a finger though Samantha’s radiant pink hair. 

“I’m scared.” Samantha leaned down and whispered into Manon’s ear. “What if he doesn’t like me? What if he just wants to do dirty things? What if he thinks I’m slut?”

“You don’t think he would like you all the same? Every part of you – Dirty urges and all?”

Samantha shook her head to say an aggressive and enthusiastic no.

“Very well. You know his turn is next? I may have a clever little idea but you must promise not to hate me.”

“Oh Manon.” Samantha bit her lip. “Please don’t be mean to him.”

“It may be a little mean, my love, but I cannot watch your torture any longer. I will be more fair than Sam, I can promise that. It must be done though. I cannot help it.” Manon held up her cuffs. “My hands are tied, yes?”

“Josh.” Manon turned towards her mark. “Truth or Dare?”

While Samantha chewed on a finger nervously the entire room’s attention turned to Josh.

“Dare?” He sounded horribly unsure of himself.

“Hmm.” Manon pushed a finger against her cheek, acting as if she hadn’t already decided his dare. “I dare,” she lingered on the word, “You, Josh, you must say something mean to Samantha.” He tripped over his words and was able to eventually say that he couldn’t.

“Do it!” Sam threw a pillow across the room at him. “Be brave big boy! Brave. Brave. Bra-aaa-ve!”

“No.” Josh squared off his shoulders.

“Punishment!” Sam said in a sing-song voice. “Oh my god. Manon make him get tied up or kiss Jack or something! That’d be super hot.” She’d tossed herself, stomach first, atop a pile of her pillows. She now watched eagerly, as if it were her favorite musical and the bag on wine in her arms her most cherished stuffed animal.

“Josh your punishment will be very dire. You may not survive the trial!” Manon wrapped her hands around Samantha’s arm and lead her gently towards Josh. “Are you ready?”

“I’ll leave if it’s bad.” Josh grumbled.

“I dare you to have Samantha sit on your lap. But. But. But.” Manon waved a finger. “Only if it is okay with her and only if it’s okay with you. Then, once your two bodies are close, each of you have to say something nice to each other.”

Samantha exhaled a huge sigh of relief. 

“Is that okay with you Josh?” Manon turned and faced the man who blinking mindlessly with surprise.

“Yeah.” He said. “Samantha I’d like that a lot but only if you’re okay with it? Would you be?” His arms, as strong as they were, stayed glued to his side as his shoulders scrunched up.

“Yes please. I’d like that very much.” Though Samantha’s words were almost were as quiet as a mousey squeak, her hands hurried up to cover her mouth but were unable to hide the smile shimmering in her eyes.

Manon lead one friend over to the other. Samantha took her place on Josh’s lap and wrapped his arm around her like a seatbelt.

“I like a lot about you actually.” Samantha spoke first. “I like that you read a lot and you always stop to look at flowers and plants when you walk to class. Most of all though, I like that you’re just really nice and fun to talk to.” Samantha said, unable to say it without burying her on Josh’s warm neck.

“And I like that you’re really mature. You’re always giving people really good advice in the dorms.” Josh said, the words whispered in her ears. “I really, really like you’re pink hair too.“ The later he said aloud for all to clearly hear. His fingers brushed though it, inviting Samantha’s head up so that he could look her in the eyes. 

“Kiss!” Sam hollered from the other bed. 

“You kiss!” Josh retorted. He pulled Samantha tight against him. Her arms wrapped around his broad chest and her face pushed up to nuzzle against his neck.

“I can’t kiss anyone. I’m saving myself and my Prince Charming isn’t here right.” Sam laughed. “He should be back soon though. I know it’s my turn next. Well? Manon. Sammie. What should I do? Dare me.”

I promised there would be more Manon stuff and sure enough here it is!

Granted, it’s just a little preview. There’s a full story featuring all of Yeagle Hall’s residents in the works. It’ll feature; Clover, Manon, Paul, Sam + Samantha, Josh, and Jack. I’ve done a few sketches for most of those folks but a lot haven’t been featured in many stories yet. Expect a lot of flirtatious fun. There’s a little drama. After all, Manon’s got herself blanked for Paul even though he’s already seeing Clover. Drama. Drama. Drama. That’s what makes the dorms so fun, right? Friends. Drama. Lot and lots of hormones.

And kink? Oh, there will be kink. Exhibitionism for sure. Is wholesome a kink ’cause I’m planning some wholesome stuff too. Dirty kink and wholesome erotica, what a treat!

– PotluckSoup

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