Short Stories

The Missing Bag

A layer of sweat and soap trickled off Alex’s body. Sweet lavender and the bleachy smell of the gym’s locker room filled her nose. She stretched her back, the hot shower water felt like heaven on her bare skin.

Finished, fresh and clean, Alex turned off the shower and wrapped herself in her towel. There were people who walked around locker rooms; proud, toned and bare naked. Alex was not one of those people. She was toned; more on the muscular side than waifishly thin. She wasn’t jealous of those who were the other way around. She just had no interest in showing off. Eyes to yourself, thank you very much.

Still, she peeked at her own body in the mirror as she passed. The effects of the workouts were starting to show more and more. Even wrapped up, she could see how toned her butt had become. She checked out it’s curve. Running and lunges were worth it. She smiled and hurried to the bench she’d left her gym bag on.

Her smile shot right past a frown and went straight to panicked grimmace. She scrambled over, under, and all around the bench. The undeniable truth settled over her like a heavy stormcloud.

Her bag was missing.

“Excuse me,” Alex said meekly, trying not to show how much she was freaking out. “Have you seen a green gym bag, I left it right here. I’m sure I did.”

The redhead turned to her. She, unlike Alex, was the sort of person who strode through a locker room bare-assed and proud of it. Alex shyly averted her eyes form the naked woman’s freckled skin.

“My bag is missing,” Alex said. It was effortful, but she focused her gaze on the woman’s green eyes. Don’t be rude, she thought. Don’t look at perky breasts that bounced gently as the redhead turned around. Alex reminded herself that she wasn’t even into girls.

“I think someone stole it,” Alex added.

“Hmm,” Cassie pursed her lips. She turned, bent over at the hips, and looked under the bench. Her pussy folded open, exposing the soft pink folds. Alex’s gaze lingered at them and the sculpted ass they sat below. She rolled her eyes. Show off.

“Hey who took a bag that wasn’t theirs?” Cassie shouted to the almost empty locker room. Cassie jolted back upright. “It’s green,” she added.

The only response was an automated message coming through the gym’s speakers announcing that it would be closing in five minutes. Alex found an all new reason to panic. Her bag had her clothes and her phone. She had nothing to wear home. No way to call a friend to bring replacements. The grim realization hit her.

She was stranded.

Her bottom lip started to quiver.

“Hey, hey,” Cassie said. “It’ll be okay.”

“But,” Alex mumbled, “my clothes!”

Cassie rubbed her chin. The girl was about her height, a little wider at the hips and had thicker legs than her own. She was honestly a little jealous of that feature. But, it gave her and idea and she snapped her fingers.

“You can borrow some of mine.”

“No I couldn’t,” Alex said.

“I mean, you can walk home naked too.“ Cassie smiled devilishly. “It’s fun. You do you!”

“No it’s not that.” Alex said.

“Well, what then?”

Alex didn’t have an answer. She was too busy wondering what the woman means when she said that walking home naked would be fun. Was she that sort of person?

“It’s okay. I have an extra outfit.”

Alex had to admit that she didn’t really have any good reason not to borrow the good samaritan’s clothing.

“I don’t want to be annoying, but thanks.” Alex looked away, trying and failing to hide a frumpy frown. Before she knew it, Cassie was a whirlwind around her. Her towel went flying and clothes were tossed at her. She was pretty sure she was only half dressed when Cassie drug her to the gym’s mirror.

Alex gawked. She was still half dressed. Over her chest was a black shirt that was cropped so short that the bottom of her breasts peeked out. The skirt, if Alex dared to call it that, was barely covered the upper half of her ass.

“This isn’t clothes!” Alex hissed. “Where’s the rest of it?”

Before Cassie could respond the locker room swung open and a weary looking janitor grumbled at them.

“Leave now,” he said.

“But…” Cassie and Alex said in unison.

“Gym’s closed. Go home.”

“But we…”

“I said the fak’in gym’ closed so getdafakout.” The janitor swung a dirty mop at them. Cassie and Alex screeched and scrambled. The raving janitor chased them like a rabid dog all the way out of the gym.

“But my stuff!” Cassie slammed her fists on the door as the janitor locked them outside.

“Oh, yeah, let me go get it.” The janitor turned, rusted in his pocket, pulled something out. He turned back to Cassie and Alex revealing that his hand was empty, except for a middle finger extended toward them. The two women couldn’t think of anything clever to say when his other hand fished another “fuck you” from his other pocket. They could only stand there in the warm summer air. One of them barely wearing anything and the other still as naked as she had been in the locker room.

“Well,” Cassie said, folding her arms over he bare breasts, “That happened.”

It was then that Alex started to feel the glares start to fall on her. She dove behind a nearby bush where she assured herself that she was content to stay for the rest of her life. She’d never have to move anywhere else. No one else would be able to see her wearing, well, whatever she was wearing!

“What are you doing?” Alex said to Cassie. Several students were stopping to gawk and snap pictures of the beautiful woman’s body. To Alex’s surprise, Cassie waved to some of the students, exposing her chest and now hard nipples to them. The phone cameras clicked more furiously than ever.

“What are you doing!” Alex hissed. Was she flirting with them?

“Having fun.” Cassie winked.

“But you’re naked!”

“Yeah,” Cassie shrugged, “Like I said, having fun.”

Oh God, Alex thought, she was that sort of person.

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