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Her Fantasy [Part 1]

PotluckSoup — Her Fantasy
PotluckSoup — Her Fantasy

The small town that Kendall came from from didn’t have anything like the Student Body Rental Center. When the news reported it’s opening, everyone back home called it a den of debauchery.

Home was mundane, small, boring. A place where the fields were always full of either corn or snow, depending on the season. The idea that someone could go to a place and sign up for no-strings-attached sex, whenever they wanted, was a downright alien idea.

At least the University, unlike home, was fun for Kendall. It kept her busy, if nothing else. She was a skinny, maybe a little boney, blonde woman with fair skin. Back at her old high school she had been popular and pretty enough to be the homecoming queen. After graduation that small-town fame fizzled. Between class, volunteering, bible study, church, working out and her job; she was just too busy to have much of a social life.
Things weren’t going so well with her boyfriend because of that. It had been almost a month since anything even remotely sexual happened between them and that was only thanks to her roommate’s intervention.


Jealously ate up Kendall every time her roommate bought home a new guy. It seemed like every other day her brown-eyed, mocha-skinned roommate would be bent over something, getting fucked senseless by someone she’d probably just met a few minutes before. There was an unspoken agreement in their dorm hall. If you wanted to get off, and you didn’t want to go all the way to the Center, then you just visited Camilia. Everyone, except Kendall, had taken her up on that offer.

Well, Kendall and her boyfriend did technically have a threesome with Camilia too. It was a fluke. After inviting her over to study, one thing lead to another and before she knew it, Camilia’s head was between Kendall’s legs, licking up the load that her boyfriend had left in her.

Kendall wasn’t even into girls. She’d tried them out. They weren’t her thing. Guys, big hunky guys, with the chest hair and the meaty arms? That was the good stuff. Having her own little harem manhandling her and filling up every part of her body? Just the thought of it made her wet. Yes, if she had to admit it, the threesome was hot at the time. But it made things more complicated.

Before Kendall had been able to sort of ignore when Camilia had another fuckbuddy over. Now? Well, now every time Camilia was getting fucked Kendall couldn’t help but think about how amazing it felt sharing her boyfriend and how, despite having another girl to use, he fucked her harder than he’d ever done before. He’d used her with such passion that he’d thrown her legs over his shoulders, took her by the hips, lifted them and ground them over his dick. He’d used her like a toy, fucked her into a soaking wet, drooling mess and didn’t stop until he’d let loose his load deep inside her.

Kendall huffed. That. She wanted that again.

Jealousy wasn’t the only reason she was on her way to the Center. Every time she saw her roommate getting fucked, she’d flashback to the intensity and passion from that night. It made her horny.

So. Goddamn. Horny.

When she arrived the Center’s air was cool and dry, a nice break from the muggy summer air outside. On her roommate’s advice she’d shown up in a cute but simple outfit; slim jeans and a plain shirt with the University’s letters on it. Beneath it she wore her cutest underwear, just in case.

As she entered, a hawkish woman, who Kendall recognized as the University’s president, was walking out the door with a vacant-faced, burly man wearing a blue collar around his neck. As she passed the grey haired woman caught the obvious look of envy on Kendall’s face and gave her a wink.

“Welcome miss,” one of the Center’s attendants said. “My name’s Amy. Are you here to use or be used?”

“I don’t know.” Kendall admitted. Then, in a voice that was almost a whisper she asked, “which means that I get to have, you know, sex with people?”

“Both,” Amy said not bothering to look up from her tablet. “If you do want to make sure you’re taken care of you’ll want to check in as a user. It’s a slow day today so there’s technically a itty-bitty, like one-in-a-thousand chance that you might not get used if you just get blanked.”

“Do I have to get blanked?” Kendall had heard the word used for people at the Center who came to get mind-blanked for a few hours, but never really knew how it worked.

“Only if you volunteer. Keeps things anonymous, you know?”

“Will I remember it?”

“Mostly. The good feelings stick around, but the faces and all the nitty gritty details, not so much. Its kind of like when you have one of those really, really good sex dreams, you know, but longer and more high-def.”

“I’d like to be a user then.” Kendall said. Being blanked would mean that her body, the thing she had always been told to save for special people, could just be checked out like it was a book or a movie. That was a little too daunting for her. Pacing herself seemed smart and spared her pride, just a bit.

Furthermore, she wanted to remember every part of her first trip. If she was going to do something as naughty and forbidden as checking out a stranger for the sole purpose of having uninhibited, anonymous sex with them, well, she wanted to remember that.

How would she know if she liked it otherwise?

The nurse checked her in. As Kendall read the agreement she felt more and more excited. She was about to sign up for real-life sex. No awkward dating, not like back home. It was okay to avoid that here. Now that she’d taken the dive her anxiety about it faded, She started feeling freer, flirty even.

“In or out?” Amy asked, taking back the tablet.

“In or out of what?”

“Would you like to use someone here in the Clinic or would you like to check a blank out and enjoy their company elsewhere?”

Kendall thought about the woman she’d passed coming in. That guy she was with must have been checked out. While the idea of bringing some hunk of man meat back to her dorm and giving Camilia a taste of her own medicine was a nice fantasy, she was new to all of this. She’d play it safe and stay in.

“Then we’re all set up.” Amy said and flicked at her tablet. “Looks like we have one blank available and twenty three on waitlist. Oops, sorry, nix that. Twenty four on the waitlist.”

Amy handed the tablet over to Kendall who swiped through pictures of the blanks as if she were looking at a dating app.

“I can have sex with any of them?”

“That’s the idea.”

Kendall was giddy and let out a quiet, “Wow” after hearing this confirmation. After flicking through all of the profiles she found a broad shouldered man with short hair and an angular face. The tablet dinged confirmation when she clicked his profile. Only one person was on his list in front of her. Swiping through a few more profiles she found another cute man with only two people on his list. When she tried to sign up for that second blank the tablet honked angrily in response.

“Sorry, but you can only check out one at a time.” Amy explained.

Kendall looked around hoping that no one else figured out what she’d tried to to. Having two guys at once had always been her most secret fantasy. She’d never been able to talk anyone into it. Bringing it up with her boyfriend always freaked him and her out. Everyone else in the dorms she could have asked was too busy ignoring her thanks to Camilia. Sticking with her first choice, she was left to roam the waiting room until her phone buzzed her.

During her wait a few satisfied customers came and went form the doors. None looked more satisfied that the University’s president who being carried back in the burly arms of the handsome blank she’d rented out. Her previously pristine, professional looking hair was disheveled and she wore a giddy sex-drunk look on her face.

“Put me down big boy.” The President said, rubbing the man’s chest as if he were a dog. With her feet on the ground again she caught her reflection in one of the windows and grumbled about how putting herself back together. She also caught Kendall looking enviously at her blank.

“You’re welcome to use him,” she said cooly, not bothering to look back. Kendall wasn’t sure who she was talking to until the president turned to her and repeated the offer to her face.

“Am I allowed to do that?” Kendall asked, her gaze lingering on the man’s hairy chest.

“I recognize that look. I hope it’s not to presumptuous to say that this is your first visit?”

Kendall nodded.

“Don’t be shy then.” The President laughed. “This witless gentleman’s services, if you get my meaning, are available at your leisure.”

“I can use him however I want?”

“More or less. Lets put it this way, if you could have him do anything, anything your young heart desires, what would you have him do?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Kendall, of course, knew exactly what she wanted him to do to her. Not only did the bear of a man have broad beast-like shoulders, he had a rugged looking face and was a full head taller than her. No one had ever torn off her clothes before. Not once had someone just pulled apart her legs and helped themselves to her wanting wetness, fucking her into a sloppy mess.

She’d always wanted someone to do that. It was so hot, raw and animalistic. She shuffled anxiously, enjoying the thought, but not wanting it to show.

“Lets start simply.” The President said with a wink after successfully adjusting her tie and blouse. “Would you like him to pick you up?”

Kendall looked everywhere but at the man when she mumbled that she would indeed like that very much. Before she knew it Kendall was scooped up in his arms. It felt nice, safe even. Kendall wrapped her hands around his neck and tried to hide a smile.

“He’s all yours. Play nice you two.” The president slapped the man’s butt.

“And before you ask if it’s okay, yes. He’s what they call an outtie. I’m free to pass him along whenever I want. That’s what the collar is for. Keeps them safe and tracks them. Blanks aren’t too terribly clever, you see. You wouldn’t want them wandering off.”

“You mean I can have sex with him?” Kendall whispered. “Right now?”

“Wait,” the President held up pinkie and thumb as if it were a phone. “Let me ask the president of the university. Oh, right. Good news, she just said yes. What do you want him to do to you?”

“Have sex with me, please.” Kendall said.

“You are going to have to be more assertive than that.” The flippant President said over her shoulder as she left the clinic.

Kendall looked deep into the blank’s eyes. There was a glow in them, but blue like her own.

“Fuck me.” She demanded.

Before she knew it Kendall’s body had been spun around. One of the blank’s arms was across her torso, holding her up off the ground. The other hand grabbed her jeans and pulled them down over the smooth curve of her ass. The cool air licking against her crotch made her gasp. Her underwear was pulled aside.

Draped her the blank’s arm, he helped himself to her. A thick finger fondled her, played with her clit. When she was wet and begging for it under her breath, the blank slid a finger into her, then back out again and again, gently finger-fucking her.

“More.” Kendall demanded.

The blank pumped harder and harder, slapping her wetness around her hips, stomach and ass. She took her breasts in her hands and fondled them. The pleasure of it mixing with the thick warmth gliding in and our of her skinny body.

“Finger my ass.” Kendall moaned.

The blank didn’t obey at once. Instead it pumped her pussy full with two fingers. With both now lubed with her own wetness, he slid one silkily into each of her holes. Still draped over the brute’s arm, Kendall was doubly penetrated. Filled and flushed, she fingered her own clit in time with the man’s thrusting penetration.

Between desperate, longing breaths and gasping moans, she commanded the blank to the floor. First, she took the blank’s ready dick into her hands. Kendall threw off her pants, pulled her underwear to the side, grabbed him by his shaft and guided it into herself. She slid up and down on his hardness as it filled her up again and again.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she moaned as she drug her nails across the blank’s chest. The mindless man took her by her torso. His hands almost wrapped fully around her waist when he grabbed it tight. Moving her slim body with his hips and arms her fucked her with a rabid, wild, brainless passion. With both his hands full of Kendall’s body, she squeezed her own breasts and massaged her clit.

Tomorrow, she probably wouldn’t even recognize his face in a crowd. Today, he was her slave, a beast, a nameless dick in her, a manmeat fucktoy only existing her personal pleasure. She was lost in the passion, the thrusting, the wild bucking of the mindless man penetrating her. Her hands went from her breasts and clutched the blue collar around the blank’s neck so that she could ride him harder. Their bodies bucked and fucked with a slapping, raw-dog passion that shook the furniture around them.


Something about the little sound made Kendall pause. The vibration flashed her back to reality for a moment. It was her phone. She reached down to grab it from her back pocket but suddenly realized that she wasn’t wearing her pants. That’s right, she thought through a pleasant haze of hormones and endorphins, she’d gone to the Center to get a blank.
Then the rest of her brain collected itself and kindly reminded it’s endorphin-drunk self that her pretty body was naked from the waist down.

The man who had just fucked the president of the university was balls deep inside her, filling her up with himself. Moreover, she was still in the middle of the Center’s lobby and a crowd had gathered to watch her passionate display.

Thinking that she’d came, the crowd started to clap and hoot their approval for the exciting free show she’d been giving them.

Words failed Kendall. Some wobbly apologies came out as she bashfully pulled off the man, leaving a long string of her wetness dripping between them. Flushed, she adjusted her underwear to cover herself more modestly.

“Aw, don’t stop.” Amy said as the crowd started to disperse. Her phone was in her hands and was still recording as Kendall hurried shyly to the counter.

“I’m so sorry,” Kendall said, “I just don’t know what came over me.”
“Well not him, not yet.” Amy laughed. She pointed at the man who was still on the floor whose dick was sticking up in the air like a thick meat flag pole.

Kendall was mortified and commanded him to return to her side and to bring pants with him. He did all of those things with a saunter and a gaze that was firmly locked on to Kendall’s hips.

“I don’t need my other blank,” Kendall said. Each second she talked her face flushed worse.

“You want to cancel your reservation?”

“Yes please. I’ll just use this one please.”

“Oh, well sure, of course. That’s totally allowed.” Amy shrugged. “Of course, you do know that if you’re using and outtie you can take them with you wherever you want as long as it’s in collar range?”

That was the idea, Kendall thought. She wasn’t an exhibitionist so while she did want to have one or two more rounds with the beast of a man behind her, she didn’t necessarily want the entire waiting room invited again.

“I mean,” Amy continued, “You can take them anywhere and anyone can use them.”


“Any. Where. With. Any. One. Else.” Amy leaned in, trying not to crack a smile.

“Yes! God help me. Get to the point!” Kendall was having enough trouble getting her pants back on without having to deal with the weird attendant.
Amy finally cracked. A laugh burst from her. “Tell you what. You do what you want but, uh, Center policy says that you and Mr. Handsome need to stop by room 483 before you leave.“

“Do I have to?”

“Center policy.” Amy lied.

Kendall hesitated but did as the attendant told her. As the blank carried her to room 483, she was pretty sure that she’d heard Amy yelling that she could thank her later.

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