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A Cowgirl for the Weekend [Part 2]

PotluckSoup — A Cowgirl for the Weekend 2
PotluckSoup — A Cowgirl for the Weekend 2

“This is not what I would call taking care of any situation Luke!” Dal hollered. “And who in Sam Hill is that? And why, why god, is she half-naked, tied up, and worst of all, blanked in my workshop? Who. Is. She?”

Dal was, of course, referring to the woman who was cuffed, collared, bound to a saw horse, and proudly showing off her toy-filled ass and pussy.

Luke continued buttoning up his denim pants and fastening his belt.

“I expected better of you.” Dal whipped her riding helmet at him. It harmlessly clattered onto a workbench, upsetting nothing more than a cowbell that made a racket as it tumbled.

“She was begging ma’am, really begging.” Luke tripped over his words. “Her name’s Nicole and she got dropped off here and she had this collar and she asked me to turn it on and do it and, ma’am, I’ve never been with a blanked girl. And she was like, really really begging before so I thought, ma’am, what’s the harm? I was figuring we could—”

“Could nothing! Ever since that Emma girl people think they can go around acting like sex-crazed perverts now! Can’t no one, no one, keep it in their pants for five gol-dang minutes? Clean her up.” Dal yelled as she rummaged through a cabinet and grabbed a clean shop rag. This time her aim was true and is smacked Luke harmlessly in his chest. Nicole, whose brain was dizzied and lost in the euphoria of the collar’s effects, nuzzled the man’s hand softly as he dutifully wiped the mess he’d made on her face. 

“Fess up Luke. Where did you find this?” Dal looped a finger around the loose collar on Nicole’s neck. 

“I thought she brought it?” Luke said. “Or maybe Jesse? Maybe she brought it from the college or something? I don’t know where those things come from ‘cept the college. Honest.”

Dal already knew where it came from. It was on loan from her client, Troxell’s R&D department. They did not like leaks. They had an entire team of very well payed lawyers that ensured that anyone who did leak their technology was out of a job and never working anywhere in the industry again. Nobody else could know or her job, her very future as an engineer was on the line thanks to this stranger. Her assignment was to test it’s abilities. Now the collar was wrapped around a woman that looked like a porn-parody version of a cowgirl. The collar was set to the absolute maximum; a hundred and fifty precent a standard dose. It was no wonder that the woman was a horny, edged mess.

Next to the collar’s digital timer, a little orange signal blinked. Dal wasn’t surprised when her phone started buzzing.

“Luke, go make sure nobody come back in here ’til I say.” She knocked a knuckle against the saw horse. “I can’t have them seeing anyone like this. God knows the chaos that would cause right now.”

“Can we keep her?” Luke asked bluntly. “I mean to say, can I keep her? Have her? For later on?”


“It just,” Luke rubbed his arm nervously, “I think she fancied me?”

“Git!” Dal whipped her riding crop towards Luke, who managed to turn and dodge it before it hit him square in the face.

“Hey now!” He hollered. 

“Git.” Dal hollered louder. The phone in her pocket was still buzzing. Luke obliged, but not before looking back back one last time at Nicole before hurrying away from the workshop. 

“Dallas here.” She answered the call.

It was Troxell’s very concerned sounding research lead. They were wondering why their very secret, very nondisclosure-covered prototype had been activated ahead of schedule. Explanations were given. Confidence was feigned. No, it wasn’t a false activation signal. Yes, the collar’s tracking tech was working fine. Yes, she was starting the beta test. Of course it was intentional. Of course the volunteer was willing. Almost too willing, Dal confessed. No, there was no need to terminate her contract. Everything was going smoothly. Yes, she’d make sure to document the results.

Goodbyes were exchanged the call ended. Dal leaned her head against the wall and sighed her relief. Her contract was safe thanks to a few half truths. She did, technically, have a beta test volunteer. She had no idea how the woman had found the prototype but Luke wasn’t the type to lie about her consent and enthusiasm. A little thick but always a good, honest guy.

Still, it was best to confirm the volunteer’s consent before testing continued. 

“Alright, you better not get my new riding outfit dirty.” Dal sighed, squatted, and lifted Nicole’s chin with a gloved hand. “I’m going to need you to think as hard as you can and focus on me for a minute.”

Nicole responded with a quiet breath and nuzzled her cheek down into Dal’s open palm. Her big brown eyes mindlessly gazed up. 

Dal took her phone and tapped it. Troxell’s trademark jingle played as the collar’s control app popped open. Among hundreds of modifications options, only the “Mind” adjustments were open for her to test.

Since the collar was at full blast, Nicole was fully “blanked.” Her intelligence had been turned as low as possible while her libido had been dialed up to super-human levels. Dal used the app to dampen down Nicole’s libido levels seventy-five percent of the max and intelligence up to twenty-five percent. That kept Nicole’s hot, mindless body form quivering at every little touch. Now she’d at least be able to walk and obey some simple commands.

Dal stood and circled her impromptu volunteer.

“You really went all in didn’t you lady?” Dal sighed, noticing the pink heart plug and vibrator peeking out from the corners of the woman’s daisy dukes. Even with dialed down arousal, the blanked woman ground her hips mindlessly, begging out every bit of pleasure she could from the toys filling her holes.

Continuing to circle closer, Dal grabbed her crop from the floor. She drug it up one of Nicole’s thighs, watching her subject writhe and hopelessly pull her hips towards the tiny source of pleasure tickling her.

“I could make this test fun.” Dal said. “I deserve to punish you for almost getting me fired.”

The crop settled against he folds of Nicole’s shorts, petting a circle around the patch of wetness that had built there. Nicole, her mind enslaved, pushed her chest flat against the wood she was bound to. Hips pressing upwards, her pussy only able to barely brush the teasing crop. Her fists clenched. A gasp and a shiver showed her thanks for the tiny bit of pleasure she was granted. 

“Try to have a little dignity.” Dal looked almost disappointed. 

 She pulled back and gave the bound woman a gentle smack on the denim that tightly wrapped her bottom. Instead of a yelp of pain, Nicole’s body reacted with a quivering pleasure and a quaking moan that startled Dal.

“Oh Gol.” Dal grimaced. “You’re one of those sorts of people aren’t you? Gross.”

Nicole wordlessly lifted her hips for more.

“Gol-dang, you’re just ready for anything aren’t you?” Dal prodded at the at the app. “Better make sure anyway.” On the app, Dal fiddled with levels, halving arousal again and turning down the mind-blanking effect to it’s lowest setting.

A moment later Nicole’s eye blinked heavily. The glazed over, hypnotic look that filled them had faded. Her mind fluttered back into her head.

“Welcome back stranger.” Dal said, squatting to greet Nicole face-to-face. 

“Hello there.” Nicole shook the last cobwebs from between her ears.

“Do you know where you are?” 

“Oh, I guess I got caught, didn’t I?” Nicole’s nose scrunched up. “I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

“Yes and yes.” With the crop Dal pointed at Nicole’s cuffed hands.

“Aw. Are you going to punish me for it miss farmer?” Nicole’s big brown eyes glowed. She lifted her hands a little, showing the cuffs wrapping them. “I snuck in. I guess I have been pretty slutty.” 

“You’re a gol-dang pervert, you know that? I ought to send you packing.”

“I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad. I was just having fun.” Nicole gave a nervous smile, one that his a pang of shame. Dal found herself smiling wryly as her subject squirmed shyly in her restraints.

“Luke says your name is Nicole?”

Nicole didn’t answer. Instead it seemed that she had remembered that not only her ass was filled with a toy, but her pussy was pulsing with pleasure thanks to the toy plunged deep into it as well. Her knees shivered and she quietly bit her lip.

“Focus or I take those out. I ought to leave you blanked and bored all weekend.” Dal lifted Nicole’s chin with her crop. 

Nicole responded with wide eyes wonder.

“You can do that? Is that how I’m not blanked anymore? No! Please.” She begged, shaking her head. “I’ll be good. I’ll focus. But how? How can you do that?” 

Dal held up her phone.

“I was going to save it for a friend, so well, thanks for ruining those plans. I guess you get to have some fun.” 

Again, Nicole couldn’t focus because of the toys buzzing in her most vulnerable and sensitive parts.

 With a sigh, Dal dialed down the arousal levels to the lowest the app could allow. A moment later, Nicole whimpered. It was as if the level on the toy in her pussy had been dialed down and dulled. Everything still felt nice, but the pure euphoria was gone.

“Better?” Dal asked.

“Nooo.” Nicole whined. “Bring it back.”

“I will after I talk about a few things.” Dal started a video and pointed the phone at her subject. “First, what’s your name.”


“And do you consent to a test of the prototype? This test will include mind blanking and extremely intimate sexual contact.”

“Yes.” She said. “Sounds like a fun time.”

“Just say you consent.”

“I consent.” She smiled.

“And I can film it?”

“Only if you show mister blonde farmer afterwards.”

“His name is Luke. I just need you to say that you consent.”

“Yes ma’am. I consent.”

Dal liked that. It was about time someone on this farm addressed her with some respect. She only boarded her horse here in exchange for some handiwork but; as was recently proved by Luke, Corbin, and Jesse; people were quick to ignore her authority. Finally, she had someone who might actually obey her commands. That tickled her in a way. In fact, everything about the situation made her feel like a little giddy, aroused even. She was in complete control of somone’s body and mind. Pressing record, she walked a circle around Nicole’s bound self.

“The subject has voluntarily bound herself after, I assume, sneaking in. Is that correct Nicole?”

Nicole nodded, blushing a little as another wave of shame came over her. She suddenly felt on display, as if she were examined like livestock.

“Notice the subject has already engaged in erotic activities. I should note that this was performed before the subject was blanked.” Dal held the camera up to Nicole’s butt and pulled aside her shorts to show the plug in her ass, and a softly vibrating toy still softly teasing her pussy. The shine of her wetness dribbled down her pink lips and welled on the wood beneath her mound.

“She had also engaged in coitus once before testing started.” Dal returned to face Nicole.

“I did?” Nicole smiled.

“Apparently. I found you covered with Luke’s, ahem.” Dal tried to describe what had happened in a professional way. “The subject’s face was covered with semen from another person unrelated to this test.”

“That’s so hot.” Nicole chuckled. “Oh my god. Oh. My. God. I am such a slut. This is crazy. Oh. Oh! Did he fuck me too?”

“Only the subject’s mouth was used, and I had to clean her up before hand.” Dal addressed the camera but could hear a little disappointed whine from Nicole. “You’re welcome by the way.”

“Was it Luke?”

“Stop asking so many questions or I’ll turn off your brain.”

“After you’re done with me can you give me to him?” Nicole bit her lip. “And you can turn off my brain, if you like. I don’t need to think about anything all weekend.”

“As you can see, the subject is primed and enthusiastic even at minimal levels. Lets turn up arousal but keep your mind there for a bit, how does that sound pet, I mean, subject?” Dal almost choked. Why did she say pet? That was so awkward. The bound up person wasn’t a pet. This was just some random pervert.

Speaking of being professional, Dal remembered the toy peaking out of the woman’s shorts. She slipped back behind Nicole and removed it slowly with her gloved hand, turned it off, and set it aside.

“Aww.” Nicole whined. “Now I feel all empty.”

“No, I just need you to focus for a minute.” 

“Just turn off my brain then? I’d be a little bit bimbo-y, but I’d be good.” Nicole winked. “I promise, master.”

Dal flushed and nearly dropped her phone, recovered, and stopped the video. She stopped in front of Nicole, who lifted her head as far as she could against the collar and blew a kiss up towards Dal.

“Why do you keep calling me that? Ma’am? Master?”

“Well, it’s because you’re my master. I’m all tied up. You’re in charge. That makes you my master, for now at least.” Nicole nuzzled her nose against Dal’s crotch, which was just close enough for contact. “My body is yours to use. I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. It’ll be fun. I promise.”

“That’s enough out of you.” Dal flicked at her phone and halved Nicole’s thoughts. Once again the tied up woman’s eyes unfocused and her gaze stared off, as if she were lost in a hypnotic daze. Then, a quick blink and a bit of her bounced back. This time though, Nicole was there; just a more simple version. 

“Oh, my head is bubbly.” Nicole giggled airily. “Thank you master.”

Dal cupped her hands over her mouth. This woman was stirring things in her that she did not feel like dealing with. Firstly, she wasn’t all that into women. Secondly, she was fairly sure she wasn’t into weird things like tied up people. Now she was starting to question that. Third, she had things to do; Her job was on the line. Plus, Luke still needed a good scolding.

“Play? Touch?” Nicole begged.

“God you are such a slut, calm down.” Dal huffed, the words more rough than she hoped. 

“Yes master.” Nicole cooed. “I’ll will be a good slut master.”

“And stop calling me that.”

“Okay master.” Nicole giggled.

With a deep breath, Dal collected herself. She had to at least make this look like a test or else her contract with Troxell was done for. Once again she circled Nicole, letting her phone’s camera record the scene. 

“Subject’s mind is set to fifty percent. Arousal at ten percent. How do you feel subject?” 

“I feel pretty. I miss my toy in me, it felt all warm and buzzy. I like it when you look at my butt.” That butt wiggled and Dal whipped her attention away from it. 

Nicole giggled again. “I saw you peeking.”

Dal adjusted Nicole’s brain again. Dialing her mind down to only twenty-five percent.

Nicoles went wide-eyed. She looked shocked as her mind was being halved again. For a few seconds it dripped away until she was nothing more that a living, mindless doll. 

“Subject.” Dal said, “Can you hear me?” Dal lifted Nicole’s chin with her crop again. 

“Mmhmm.” Nicole hummed, her eyes squished shut in a beaming smile.

“What’s your name?”

Dal didn’t wait for an answer. Nicole’s mind was practically sleepwalking; a nearly-brainless living doll that could only give simple yes or no answers. Content with the quick test, Dal dialed her subject’s mind back to as full as she could.

A gasp, a blink, a shake of her head and Nicole’s brain was back. She looked surprised now.

“Oh, well, wow! That was fun.” She looked up to Dal. “It’s like a roller coaster. I really like it. You can, wow, you can make me a real dummy with that! It’s absolutely amazing! Can I have it when you’re done?”

“Absolutely not.” Nicole whined at the denial, but yelped gleefully when Dal stepped behind her smacked the inside of Nicole’s thigh softly with the crop.

“Admit it. You’re having a little fun with me, aren’t you?” Nicole let the last word linger and looked up defiantly. A moment later her intelligence plummeted to primal levels. 

Dal had to stop the recording and step away for a moment to regroup her thoughts. Her body was getting hot and she wasn’t sure if she hated it or not. There needed to be some sort of punishment for Nicole’s obnoxious and downright bratty behavior. She dialed up the arousal levels to fifty percent. Nicole’s mindless body ground and moaned, trapped in just enough pleasure to stay almost painfully edged indefinitely.

Dal started recording again and captured the blanked woman’s needy moans and gasps. The reaction was described, by Dal, for the camera. The reaction from her subject was as predictable on on-target as any tester could hope for. 

Dal’s own reaction was significantly more alarming. She was, honestly, completely aroused by just having a subject. She was no stranger to being aroused. There had been plenty of boyfriends who had pleased her plenty. That was just sex. She might have even gotten a little rough and rowdy. 

This whole game she was playing with her new pet? It was the same sort of push and pull relationship she only had with her horse up until now. It was a balance or power and grace. Nicole was almost like her horse in a way; a beautiful creature she could command and control with a tug of at leather or the touch of a crop. She could do anything she wanted with her and all she had to do was reward her now and then.

She turned Nicole’s brain back on, letting it sit at about fifty percent again.

“Whee!” The dummy pet hollered.

“Would you like me to test the arousal levels now?”

“Does that mean you’ll play? Play with my body? Make it feel nice?” Nicole looked astonished.


“Yay!” Nicole tried to clap her hands, but found they were still securely cuffed.  

“You’re not too smart right now are you?”

“No.” Nicole shook her head. “At least I’m cute?” She lingered on the last word, punctuating it with a wink and sticking her tongue out. 

Dal dialed her pet’s brain back on. Again, Nicole’s eyes blinked and focused on Dal.

“Aw, make me dumb again.” She huffed. “It’s so peaceful and fun. It’s like I’m drunk but never dizzy. It all makes me feel extra cute too. I can tell you like it, Dallas. Master.” 

“Good to know the collar is working.” Dal pulled softly at it.

“If you untie me I’ll play with you too. It doesn’t have to be all about me? You look so serious. Serious but cute.” Nicole fought to focus and wiggled her body in it’s bindings until she could almost sit upright. With one last tug, Nicole pulled against her bindings just enough that she managed to land a peck on Dal’s cheek and was quickly rebuked with a crop across the a butt cheek. A gushing moan rippled from Nicole’s throat with the crack of the leather. Her hips shuddered and shook, shaking the moan as Nicole lost herself to the pleasure of the biting rebuke. 

“Dammit.” Dal had forgotten Nicole’s arousal was still dialed up. A fleeting desire told her to flick it up to seventy-five percent, just for half a second. So, she did. Nicole’s pleasure increased with the collar’s command. Her hands and head dropped. Her nails dug into the the saw horse, holding on as tight as she could as the pleasure rocked her body.

“Oh. Fuck. Yes.” Nicole’s moan melted into a whispered, quivering curse. Her head dropped to the wood, bit into it, released, and shook her head with a pout.

“I don’t get to please you at all and you get to turn me in to a needy mess. Do you like how wet you’re making me?”

“I’ll have none of that. I’ll complete the test and send you home.”

“Aw. Please no? I’ve been planning this vacation for weeks! Luke said I could help at the farmstand even.”

“I doubt that. Plus, you’re the idiot who snuck in and tied yourself up! You’re lucky I didn’t call the police or something. I should punish you.” Dal held the crop against Nicole cheek. 

With wide, smiling eyes Nicole looked up and in a flash, grabbed the end of the crop with her teeth and growled playfully. 

“Let go!” Dal’s voice cracked. 

Nicole mumbled a “no” through clenched teeth. 

“Now! That’s my crop. You’re getting your gross spit all over it!”

Nicole shook her head side to side, growling as if she were a dog.

Dal dialed down her thoughts again. 

“Ya-hay.” Nicole laughed, dropping the crop. “Punish me now?”

“You’ve been a huge pain in the ass.” Dal tugged on Nicole’s pigtails, puller her face up. The hat Luke left on her head tumbled to the ground. She looked longingly into Dal’s grey eyes and her mouth fell open in a gasp.

“More. Please.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Meanie master.” Nicole scrunched up her nose and stuck out her tongue. 

Dal let Nicole’s head drop back to the wooden sawhorse. A few steps and she was behind her, pulling the tight shorts away from her ass and, with a tug and a twist, removed the plug from Nicole’s tight hole. Again, Dal’s witless pet quivered and cooed, begging for more pleasure, enough to push her over the edge once and for all. So much of one person’s pleasure, her body, her mind, was under Dal’s control now. On a whim, Dal could force her pet to spend the entire weekend as a dumb tied up doll, tortured, perpetually at the edge of an orgasm. It would be a fitting punishment. She’d be deprived of the exact thing she’d come to the farm for. 

“I’ve been bad.” Nicole interrupted. 


“I’ll be a good. A good cowgirl. I’ll make you cum. I’ll make Luke cum. Let him breed me.”

“Breed?” Dal growled. “Like a horse?”

“Oh yes. Yes please.” Nicole moaned. “Will you have him breed me? Please do. Please, oh please.” Her hips wiggled back and forth. 

“Shut up.” Dal dialed up the arousal on Nicole’s collar to seventy five percent. The pet’s pleading dribbled away, dripping off into a mess of whimpers and moans. 

“Admit it, you’re just a shameful slut.” Dal asked. 

“Yes.” Nicole whined between breaths. “I’m a-ah-a shameful little slut. Little slut for master.”

“You’re nothing more that a dumb damn toy that wants to be fucked.”

“Nothing. Toy. Fuck toy. Me.”

“You promise to be good if I let you loose?”

Nicole moaned a yes and felt the crop rest against her bare butt. Her master had pulled down her daisy-dukes and now her hot wet holes were exposed to the warm late-summer air. Even the light breeze tickling her body pushed her closer and closer towards the edge of an orgasm. 

Then a jolt came in the form of the little vibrating toy once again pressing against Nicole’s skin. A cool hand was running it along her back, then down her thigh. It came up again, tracing a course along the lips of her pussy, around the tight hole of her ass, then back down, rubbing ever so gently against her clit. Then, ever so slowly, the toy slid into her. The little thing gently buzzed pleasure into her warm insides, building into a tension that bent her knees and curled her toes. 

Then, without warning or word, Nicole felt the intensity of the toy suddenly double. Vibrating pleasure burst into crashing waves that buffeted her body and rocked her into a shivering, bucking spasms. At the very hight of her orgasmic agony, Dal had let loose and rocketed Nicole’s pleasure up to it’s absolute peak. Again and again, wave after wave, the collar’s effects exploded through her dumb body with boundless orgasmic rapture. 

Then, with a wry smile, Dal restored Nicole’s mind fully. It settled into her head for just a moment before the cascading pleasure of her orgasm crashed into it like a typhoon. Nicole spasmed and yelped. Her body bucked and quivered. She howled and whimpered as her pussy shot out squirts again and again, drenching her hips, her ass, and her shorts with her body’s hot wet pleasure. 

Wanting the woman to suffer one last indignity, Dal drug the plug up the woman’s pussy, coating it the the wetness still dripping from it. She drug it up and around, tickling the woman’s thighs, her quivering lips, and up towards the tight hole peeking from under the pulled-aside shorts. There it lingered, barely kissing the skin as Nicole, dizzied by the need, pushed her ass closer and closer. Dal pulled it back in a punishing, teasing game that made Nicole whine and whimper. Then, in a flash, Dal pulled the toy away and set it mockingly on the wood right in front of Nicole’s face.

“Ho-oly shit.” The words quivered from Nicole’s throat as her body quaked again and again until it fell exhausted, spent, and limp against the wood she was bound to. For a moment she was in a daze, not from the collar’s effects, just her own body’s jubilant reaction to the gift it had been given.

The tranquility lasted for just a moment until the effects of the collar took effect again. In an instant, it was if she’d never orgasmed in her life. It was as if she’d been edged for days. Her body yearned for touch and pleasure and orgasmic bliss now more than ever. In front of her face, Dal help up her phone. It’s screen showed that the collar still had her body’s arousal dialed up to it’s maximum level of pleasure. 

“Test’s over.” Dal said, stopping the video.

Nicole could do nothing but gasp for air.

“You’re a good subject. I guess.”

“A-Amazing.” Nicole spoke between labored panting. “More please. Make me dumb again. It feels so light. The orgasms too. Ho-ly shit. Ho-ly shit. Ho-ly shit. Oh my god. I just want to be a toy all weekend.”

“Fine.” Dal said and obliged the request.  

“Oh my god, really?”

“Really.” Dal rolled here eyes.

“Thank you master.” Nicole smiled as her mind was dumbed down. 

“I guess I’ll give you to Luke then. You remember him?”

“Yay-hay-hay.” Nicole yipped.  “I like him the most.”

“Well, one last thing.” Dal eyed some old leather straps hanging on a wall and the cowbell that had tumbled to the floor. “We can’t have you running off. You’re still technically blanked. I’ll track you on the phone. Let’s get you properly dressed.”

“Fun!” Nicole bubbled as Dal started releasing her from one harness and binding her up in another.

New Troxell tech that allows the controller to blank people at will? What will those tech wizards think of next? I think that Dal needs to go blow off some steam after all that. If you’re wondering how Nicole even got into this situation, go read part 1 here.

“A Cowgirl for the Weekend” is a custom story commissioned by a patron who wishes to stay anonymous. They gave the okay to have this posted on here on to be shared with all of you. Thank them by enjoying it and sharing it around. After all, the more people that enjoy Nicole, the better!

Have your own OC that you want turned into a mindless sexy toy for the pleasure of countless others? Grab a writing or illustration commission.

– PotluckSoup

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