Short Stories

Haley’s Fun in the Sun

PotluckSoup — Haley's Fun in the Sun
PotluckSoup — Haley's Fun in the Sun

José ran, leaped, and deftly caught the disc. With a turn and a toss he sent it soaring across the quad. He and his friends were just one group of many out enjoying sun. It was a beautiful spring day, one that teased the heat of summer. Campus was abuzz with students out enjoying the first truly warm weekend of the year. While some hurried with their own activities, most simply studied, relaxed, and picnicked on the quad’s primly mowed grass.

A flicker of golden blonde against the verdant scene caught his attention. Her face was hidden by the almost comically large wide-brimmed hat she wore and his gaze lingered longer than he meant. Where did he know her from? A party? A date? It was a good memory, whatever it was.

The disc came and José sent it flying again.

He stole another glance. The hat now rested on a bag and José instantly recognized the woman now removing a long white wrap from her shoulders. Almost anyone, if he had to guess, would recognize Haley Hawthorne. He didn’t follow her personally but his girlfriend was a big fan. It was Haley’s second year at the University and, since showing up as a freshman, the internet had grown to adore the her. Whether she was splashing along a beach, skiing the Alps, or simply just studying; her subscribers were eager to partake in just a sliver of her picture perfect life.

José, through a bit of dumb and chaotic luck, had run into her just once before. Even though he’d never forget that afternoon, he doubted she’d even recognize him. Haley was no stranger to the biggest and most wild parties in the world. He wondered if there were others like him? People who had Haley crash through their life for a few minutes only to disappear as suddenly?

A holler and José’s attention whipped back to his distant buddy. The disc was spinning towards his face. He dodged and reached out to grab it without success. It went flying long. Then, spinning harmlessly along the grass, it slid until it landed itself near Haley’s bag.

José was fairly certain his friends had done that on purpose as they were waving, hollering goodbyes, and wishing him luck as they hurried off.

Ahead, Haley looked as perfect as her countless pictures online. Her shoulder-length hair danced airily on the breeze, flipped out with a gentle wave of the woman’s delicate hand. Her smile beamed brightly between each strand. The golden summer sunlight, flittering through the quad’s old growth oaks, traced the perfect curves of her body. With a stretch her back arched, her arms reached skyward and she hopped into the air with a breezy glee before landing softly, giggling, and squatting to blow a flirtatious kiss.
José had to pause. It was an act, a performance, something he felt he shouldn’t interrupt. None of it was for him, of course. She had already performed the exact movements thrice now and for no one but her phone’s camera. On the fourth try she punctuated her performance with a huff instead of a kiss in response to her phone toppling over mid video.

For José, it was strange to watch. Was this what went into each picture she posted? Was it all an elaborate act? Is this the amount of effort it took to be Haley Hawthorne every day?

“Oh, hey there.” Haley said, finally noticing him approaching.  “Can you help me out for a minute?” Her attention stayed focused on her phone’s screen.
José agreed to help but the woman hardly seemed to register his comment. Whatever was on her phone had drawn her in.

“You said you needed me to hold something?” José interrupted.

“Yes.” She gave him a long, suspicious look up and down. “Wait. have we met before?”

“You do look familiar.” José tossed out the comment. Would she catch?

“I get that sometimes.” She shrugged. “It’s kind of a thing.” Unceremoniously she handed José the phone, directed him to his place, and stepped back a few feet to perform the whole ethereal little performance again.

When she finished, she hurried to José’s side. Leaning against his shoulder she viewed the clip. She pushed up close, closer than José had expected. Her arms tangled with his and he could have swore they stole a little touch as they fell down to take the phone from him hands.

“Are you sure we haven’t met before?” José asked cooly.

“I don’t think so.” Haley lingered there for a few seconds, scrutinizing every little movement she performed on the phone’s screen. “You’re cute,” she didn’t bother to look up, “I feel like I’d remember you if we ever partied.”

When the video ended and on the black screen José caught a glimpse of her big green eyes, ones that matched the bikini she wore. For a moment, they stared at him, before fluttering away as she snatched it from his grip.

“Well, thank you mister stranger.” Haley said curtly. Then, to José’s surprise, she planted a quick peck on his cheek. Lingering at his shoulder a second more she pulled herself away, content to poke and prod at her screen for a few moments. José stood, flummoxed for a moment. When he looked up he caught those green eyes, tracing a line up his body before they connected with his own.

“So, you don’t look busy, want to help me with one more thing?” Haley said. Her eyes flicked up and down once again.

“Only if you pay me.” He said playfully.

“Aw, well, maybe not then. That might make it all weird.”


“A little. You don’t even know what I was going to ask.”

His mind filled with steamy thoughts of Haley’s inviting him off to another adventure. Making a subtle turn he adjusted his shorts accordingly. When he turned back, he nearly choked.

“Help me with this?” She said, her back turned. One hand was reaching towards the bikini’s knot holding it on her back. The other had already loosened the one around her neck and was holding the cloth over her chest.

José obliged. The bikini fell from Haley’s toned back. Still covering her chest with one hand, she slipped it off completely and casually tossed it atop her bag. She peeked back, a playful smile on her face.

“What’s wrong mister stranger? You’ve never seen a girl go sunbathing before?” She spun slowly in a circle. “It’s not like I’m asking you to put sunscreen on me or anything.”

“You sure we haven’t met?” He said incredulously.

“Hmm.” Her head tilted to her shoulder as she turned and looked him up and down. Her nose scrunched up, for just a moment, then her eyes went wide with recognition. “Oh right. You were in my class, right?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” José said. That wasn’t it. “You’re having fun teasing me right now, aren’t you?”

“What! No. I don’t even know you.” Haley grinned. “Want me to stop?”

“No. But we’re both topless. It might give someone dirty ideas.”

“Oh?” She raised a judgmental eyebrow. “What sort of ideas?”

Inside, of course, José was practically screaming. He was no stranger to flirting but this was absurd. This was hardly flirting! This was practically foreplay. They were in public. People’s heads were turning to see what was going on as they walked by. What was she thinking? Was this just something people let her get away with because she’s hot and famous?

“So.” Haley pressed herself up again him. “I know this is kind of sudden but I have a few minutes and work is shitty. I just need a break.”

“Stressful day sunbathing?” José asked.

“It’s dumb. Just work stuff, I guess? Look, want to help me with one last thing? I think you’ll like it. Do you want to guess what?”

José’s very much didn’t want to guess what, not aloud at least. Countless specific thoughts bubbled up. Go back to her place? A date? Would his girlfriend be okay with that? Probably? She’d probably want to come too. God, he needed to have some fun with her soon, being this horny was way too much. What was the last time he’d even masturbated? A day ago? Did Haley get that horny too? What if she did? Was she right now? What if they hooked up, there and then, right in the middle of the quad? Could they do that? Maybe? How? What would his girlfriend think? She’d be jealous, surely.

At this point he wrangled his thoughts, attempting to keep himself composed enough to not look like a total crazy creep and blurt out that he and Haley should fuck right there on the grass.

“So, can we, like, fuck right here?” Haley whispered as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her cool, bare chest pressed against his.

“What?” José said flatly.

“I mean, unless you have a girlfriend, or boyfriend, or something who wouldn’t be cool with it?” Then, she looked off, pondering something. She nuzzled her head up under José’s chin. “Actually, if they’re cute, they can join too. They should hurry. I, well, I’m just feeling really needy.”

“Is this a prank?” José pushed her back to arm length. She covered herself up again.


“I mean,” José scanned the quad, “this isn’t one of those internet shows where they mess with people right?”

“No?” Haley shrugged. “It’s just me. I don’t do that sort of internet stuff usually. Look, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It fine. I’ll ask someone else, I guess.”

“Do you usually just ask people have sex with you like that? Does that work?”

“Well, I’ve never tried. You’re cute. I can tell you think I am.” Her glance flicked down towards his crotch. “So we can fuck. I mean, if you want? What’s the big deal?”

“That’s pretty fucken’ bold to ask.” José countered.

“You don’t want to fuck me?” She leaned on one hip.

“No, well yeah, I mean yes I do. I guess it would be fun.”

“You guess?”

“Here though?”

“I know right?” Haley whispered, biting back her lip.

“With everyone watching? You can’t be serious. We’d get expelled or something. I don’t know. I don’t even know you.”

“Hmm. Maybe we would. Probably not though?” Haley flushed and shrugged. “We can be secret about it. Look, will this help?” From atop her bag she fetched the white wrap and wrapped it around her.

“See?” She spun slowly, showing it off. When the sun hit it just right José could see her toned thighs and butt silhouetted through the sheer cloth. Sunshine or not, she could she her nipples almost perfectly through the fabric.

“Wow. You really want to hook up?” He almost laughed.

“Yes and making me wait is just making it worse.”

“Right here? Right now?”

“Of course.” Haley lifted the wrap and grabbed her bikini bottom. As she pulled down, her wetness shined as the slick, wet fabric pulled away from the warm mound between her legs.

One leg lifted, then the other, and when she stood up again the bottoms were in her hands and the makeshift dress fell back to cover her again. She playfully tossed the bottoms at José’s face. His hand shot up and grabbed them before they hit.

“So, mister stranger, are we doing this?” A devious grin spread across her face.

“You’re not even going to buy me a drink?” José gave a roguish grin and held up the bottoms. “Maybe I’ll keep these a souvenir then?”

“You wish pervert. Those are expensive.” Haley snatched them back. “Also, they’re cute. They wouldn’t look any good on you anyways.” She’d squatted down and looked back with a teasing glance as she tucked them into her bag.

“You’re really not messing with me?” José said. Another peek around still revealed nothing out of the ordinary. “You really want this?”

“I’m not. I do. You’re cute. I’m cute and I’m horny. What more do you need? No one has to know. It’ll be just you and me. No phone. No nothing. Promise.”

“I don’t even know you though. You don’t even know my name.”

“I don’t. That’s kind of what makes it so hot. You don’t need to know my name either.” Haley sat and patted the ground next to her. José joined by her side. “It’s kinda fucking hot, right?” She continued. “You. Me. We can just fuck right here and we never see each other again. It’ll be our dirty little secret.”

“So you’re an exhibitionist?” José asked. “A slutty exhibitionist.”

“I don’t know.” Haley’s hand traced a line up his thigh. “I’m being honest too. I’ve only done something like this once before. It was fun but its a little hazy and I kinda got in trouble afterwards. I think I want to try again I just have to keep it secret. It’s just fun not being me—um, just being nobody for a while, you know? Maybe it’s fun or maybe it’s dumb. I won’t know until I try. So, yeah, maybe I am an exhibitionist? What about you?”

“I’d give it the old college try.”

“See? It might be hot, right?” She leaned in close and whispered. “I’ll give you a preview, deal? Put your hand between my legs. Feel how wet I am right now.”

José complied but wasn’t about to let her boss him around. He took his time, his hand petted down, touching along her hip and thigh, tickling her knee, then pulling up the wrap, more and more, as his hand traced the curves of the inside of her thigh. When palm fell on the mound of her crotch, he looked to her face, one last check that he should continue.

“Go on.” Her lips mouthed the words.

José’s palm pressed and his fingers petted, pushing a soft little pressure against her folds. Her warm lips spread and the building wetness there invited his fingers to slide in smoothly.

Haley drew in a breath and, when he caressed softly against the little mound over her clit, an almost inaudible moan fluttered out of her mouth. Trying to silence another, she bit her forearm and peeked at him.

“I might be a little bit of an exhibitionist. Just a little bit.” Her voice stayed barely more than a whisper. “Keep playing with me. Pet me for a little bit. Please though, don’t let anyone see.”

José was happy to play with her. His fingers pressed ever so gently; up and down. The wetness that built in Haley swelled, coating his fingers. Haley, cool as she could muster, leaded back on her elbows as if she were just another student out sunning. Only José knew that her hips had started rocking in time with his gentle touch.

“Use your fingers.” Haley said, looking off, barely feigning boredom. “Inside me.”

“Does it feel good?”

“What do you think?” If her wetness wasn’t enough to tell him, her blushing cheeks would have been. “Just, just don’t make me cum yet.” She added. “I want to fuck you. Just play with me for a little bit. Edge me for a little bit, okay?”

José continued petting her and she grew ever more wet for him. Despite her best efforts Haley couldn’t completely hide her body’s reaction. Her chest rose and fell, following the little dancing rock of her hips. Now and then a squeak or a little moan escaped from her lips. Each time she looked around cooly, as if nothing strange was happening.

“You know, you’re treating me very nice for someone who just met me a few minutes ago.” Haley said. Her voice was shaky and the words came between short breaths that grew ever more desperate. One hand held her up while her other clung to José as the rest of her body grew weaker and needier.

“Okay. Okay.” She batted at his hand. “Your turn.”

“Did you come?”

“What? No.” She rolled her eyes. “Not yet. I told you not yet. I’m having fun and I want to make it last for a little while. I don’t get to hook up with someone like this every day so don’t rush me. But, you should let me treat you too. You’ve been spoiling me. It’s your turn after all. Lean back okay?”

José complied and for a few moments nothing happened. When he peaked up, Haley was wearing her large brimmed hat again. She lifted it a little and beneath were those big, green eyes staring up at him with eager devious delight. With a wink her fingers slid on to him and quietly undid his pants.

“You can peek a little mister stranger but don’t let anyone see okay?”

“See what?” He teased.

“See me sucking your cock, smart ass.”

“Maybe I should let everyone see you being a slut.”

Her head dropped, resting on his leg while her hands clenched his thighs.

“What?” He asked.

“That’s really hot.” She mumbled, pressing her face into his legs. “God. Why is that so hot?”

“Stand up then.”

“No, no.” Haley patted as his legs with frantic delight. “I can’t! We’d get in trouble. I would, at least. Just let me do this, okay? Just, if you come, promise you won’t get it in my hair? I’ll swallow. Okay? Deal?”

“Deal.” José answered. He grabbed her by the chin and pulled her gaze to his. “When you’re done pleasing me I might want to fuck you, right up against a tree, tie you up, have you, all of you, then leave you for everyone to see.”

“God. Fuck. Yes. No. Yes but no. Just not yet.” Haley huffed. “You are not making this easy. I want to suck you first. Just watch out okay? Make sure no one catches us.” Her hand undid his pants and were slipping his boxers over the bulge hidden beneath.

José’s attention was split for only a few seconds. He looked around the quad and all was normal. When the blonde’s mouth wrapped around him, it was too overwhelming. Nothing else mattered. His attention was only on her and the pleasure she was giving him.

The warmth wetness that slipped over his tip and silkily slid down his shard with hungry delight erased any other thought from his mind. Underneath the big straw hat on his lap, Haley’s mouth rode up and down him. As her head pushed down, her nose gently pressed against his stomach and when she pulled back the suction and the gentle licking of her tongue drove him wild. The gentle slapping, cute sucking sound was so quiet that no one would have noticed it; save himself.

Then Haley pulled back slowly, letting her lips linger to kiss the tip of him. She looked up, waiting for his gaze to catch her eyes. When they did, they smiled, and José could feel a little laugh vibrate into him from her throat. Then, her hands wrapped around to his butt and gripped tightly. With a push, her mouth took him in entirely and he felt the pressure around him tighten as he slipped deep into her throat.

“Fuck.” He crooned.

Haley pulled off almost immediately and took him in her hand instead. There was a quiet apology and she peeped out from under the hat to ask if she had hurt him.

“No. It was amazing. You are amazing.” He huffed. Looking around, he as also relieved that no one seemed to notice that he’d cried out a moment ago.

“Want me to stop?” Haley pushed up the hat. He could see her cheek was wet with spit after pushing him so deep into her body.

“I want to fuck you. I want you naked. I want your body as my toy, my little fucking toy that I can bend you over a bench and fuck you like an animal again.”

“Again?” Her eyebrow raised.

“Again and again.” He countered. “I want to use you body until you’re a naked, fucked mess and leave you for everyone to see just how much of a slut you really are.”

“Aw.” She licked up his shaft playfully. “You sure know what to say to make a girl feel special, don’t you?”

“Bend over and give me your fucking body.” He grabbed her by the chin. “I’ll make you feel special. Everyone can watch just how fucking special I’ll make you.”

“God. Just shut up and enjoy my throat.” Haley moaned and slipped her mouth over him once again. Clutching his hips she pressed her face down until he could feels the tense wetness of her throat. He twitched and, in a spasm, tore a handful of grass from the ground trying to keep himself upright. She repeated, again and again, teasing him closer and closer to the edge. Then, when his hips started to rock in time with her throat, she pressed down again, massaging his balls with her dainty fingers as the pressure of him throbbed against the back of her throat. There she let him linger, her breath on hold for his pleasure. Her head still and her eyes rolling back as her thoughts faded to a haze. Then, with the last of her will, she pulled away, taking a light-headed pleasure in pulling him out of her mouth in such a seductively slow manner.

“Don’t cum yet.” Haley said, catching her breath and stroking him again. “I have big plans for you.”

“You’re enjoying teasing me, aren’t you?”

“No.” She licked him, sending a shiver through his hips.

“You’re a bad liar.” He countered.

“Ugh, you deserve it. Lay down now, okay? Lay down. You can fuck me until you cum. No one would know except us. I want my legs to wobble all the way to my class. Can you do that for me? Can you fuck me now?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. Again she took him and pressed her nose to his stomach. Again and again she slid him into her throat, her tongue lapping the base of him to the tip, then back again. The wet slop and slapping of it louder now. Her own moans mingling with it. It took everything that José had, every bit of will, to wrap her hair around his hand and pull her off with a gentle tug and a pop from her lips. In his grasp, her head hung there, trails of her spit splattered around her mouth and the full length of his shaft.

“Rude.” She huffed breathlessly. “I was doing something.”

“Let me fuck you.” José said.

“Fuck. Yes. I want this inside me.” Her cool fingers wrapped around José’s dick and started stroking greedily. She didn’t stand quickly, knowing that would have exposed him. Instead she slid herself from beneath the big hat. It was left over his crotch. She then stood over him, facing away.

“I want everyone to see how wet you made me. I want it so bad but, ugh, I shouldn’t.” She peeked back teasingly pulling the wrap up her thighs a tiny bit. “I know I shouldn’t. It would be a whole thing, I bet, but fu-u-u-ck it sounds like so much fun. So maybe, I don’t know, I don’t want them to know? It’s fun when it’s a secret. You can see. After all, it’s a little bit your fault. Just, um, look but don’t touch. Not yet, promise?”

“I guess.”

“Jerk. Promise or I walk away right now.”

“Then walk away.” José challenged.

“Okay.” With that, she took a step away only to find a corner of the cloth wrapped around her firmly in José’s grip.

“And where do yo think you’re going?” José gave a playful tug. Haley’s hands struggled to hold the cloth up over her chest.

“Promise or else, pervert.” Her foot slid up, ready to kick the hat off his crotch.

“Come down here and make me.”

She did her best to do just that. Kneeling at his side, and looking off towards the still oblivious students in the quad; her gaze was forced to his face when he took her chin again in his hands and turned her head.

“I promise.” He said. “As long as you promise to let me pump every drop of my cum into your wet holes. I want to feel you pussy splashing when you cum. When you leave, I want it dripping down your leg so you know just exactly how much of a needy slut you are.”

“That’s a fun sounding promise.” Her lips pressed against his ear. “You’d better not break it. You can try to break me though.”

The wrap, her makeshift dress, fluttered atop him. Her chest rose and fell with eager excitement, sweat beading across it. Her ass, tucked under the sheer fabric, dipped down with a swift little motion, drug along his stomach, and with it’s bubble curve pushed the hat off of him. Silhouetted by the sun, the folds of her lips slipped along the stiff shaft, still a little wet from her own throat.

Casually, she glanced around the quad once more, put the hat on again, and made sure no one was watching. All the while her hips rocked slowly, massaging herself with José’s body; letting herself grow more and more enamored with it’s warmth as it pressed a little closer to her insides, coaxed forward by her hidden dance.

Content to see everyone’s attention elsewhere, she loosened the wrap. Beneath, José could see everything. Her chest and breasts, heaving desperately. Her stomach, toned and sweaty, as it flexed as she rocked her hips. Finally, with her hands on the ground and her hips above his crotch, the lips of her pussy folded open. The wetness glistened even in the diffused sunlight. It, wet and silky, dripped down the insides of her thighs.

“You did this to me mister stranger.” She look off, bored, as if she were making the most boring small talk. “I hope you’re proud of yourself?”

“Not until I make you cum.” José retorted.

“You think you can?” Haley’s hips wiggled at the thought.

“I promised.”

She lowered down. One hand clutching the dress, wrapping it again around her chest. The other hand reached down for him and, with her hands wrapping around them, guided the tip to kiss her folds.

“Don’t move and be quiet okay? Promise?” She peeked back.

“Another promise huh? You just want me to lay here?”

“Not exactly. I don’t know. Just don’t grab me. I don’t want it to be obvious. Hands off. I’ll do the moving. Just for now. Just be patient.”

“Deal.” He said curtly.

“Thank you.” She said, equally curtly.

José felt her body sink onto him and his shaft pushed, slick and warm, up and, bit by tight little bit, into the cute blonde’s pussy. His face flushed. Trying to keep everything covert, he rested his arms behind his head; giving the impression to any passerby that he might just be having a casual conversation with a blonde who, to anyone else, might have looked almost bored by the conversation.

Haley did much the same. Feeling him slide up into her made her legs feel weak, something that only caused her hips to sink and rest with him farther inside her than ever. Cooly, she leaned back and looked off, as if she were just lazily lounging too. All the while, and barely noticeably, her hips slid forward and back again.

Her body finally felt full, as if she’d been missing something. That something drove her wild. Grinding slowly, deliberately, and ever so lustfully; she stirred José inside herself. All the while, José could feel the wet warmth of her body start to build. It trickled down the inside of her thighs, then dampening his own.
It took everything he had to refuse grabbing her hips. No doubt that would have given away what they were doing. Instead, he endeavored to rock his own hips, grinding forward, waiting, then a forcing a little thrust upwards. Feeling Haley shiver, he knew he’d found the right spot. Despite her trying to tease him into ecstasy, he rocked his hips and pressed her forward towards the cliff or her own orgasm. Her could feel her around him, her thighs pressing tighter and her muscles squeezing ever more desperate as she inched closer. Then, with a challenging look, he stopped.

“What? What’s up?” Haley gave a nervous look around.

“Nothing. Just keeping our deal. You said you’d do the moving.”

“Ugh. You’re a starfishing bastard mister stranger.” Haley huffed. “You’re really going to make me do all the work?”

José winked.

“Fuck me.” Haley begged.

“Say please.” José gave a teasing thrust, pushing up into her all at once and Haley a gave a giddy yelp before covering her mouth and looking around once again. No one seemed to have noticed.

“Ugh, rude. Rude! Fine then.” Haley leaned down and wrapped her fingers around José’s cheeks and chin. Pulling, she brought his head up to her face and planted the quickest little kiss on his lips. Her green eyes stared daggers at him as she pulled away.

“Fuck me mister stranger.” She moaned. “I’ll beg and say please. Fuck me until I can’t walk. Fuck me until my mind is a hot, horny mess. Make me cum with your dick. Make me a good slut. Make me your slut. Just fuck this pretty blonde. Pretty, pretty please mister stranger. Pretty please.”

He trust forward, slipping in and out of her with an intoxicating smoothness. Relentlessly, he pushed forward with a raw intensity barely hidden by the cloth. The pressure deep inside her built and built. Her body twitched and spasmed until it burst. Her pussy squirted it’s pure wet pleasure out. It streamed down, splashing down over José, soaking every bit of him.

Yet, José didn’t stop.

His bucking intensified and Haley’s weak, quiet begging faded into a mindless, breathless, and a speechless daze. He fucked her wildly, thrusting again and again into the wetness she was now helpless to resist. Her own mind was lost to it. The orgasm that burst from her built again. Almost as instantly and with another electric jolt she burst again. The wetness slapped and streamed from her uncontrollably now. She could hardly focus on her own thoughts; only the fire hot pleasure that rippled through her body as her insides melted into joyful spasms. Everything she was became desperate for that cascade flowing from between her hips. Weakly, she fought back, grinding against the man beneath her. With her hips in time with his, pushed as furiously against his shaft as she could until, with a quiet moan and a shiver, she felt him spasm and flex until the the warm pop of his seed coated her wet and wanting insides.

As his bucking slowed to a gentle, teasing trust; her thoughts started to return. Her face was a lusty and sex-drunk. She collapsed forward, cooing softly into his ear.

“Well, what’s your name mister stranger?” She said, little giggles punctuating her flustered breaths. “I think I might need to know it now.”

“Why do you want to know?” José laughed. “Isn’t it hotter when you don’t know it.”


“Then you don’t get to know it yet.”


“Meet me in the library next Monday.”

“Oh?” Haley sat upright again. “And what makes you think I’ll want to do something like that?”

José thrust again. A wet slap matched Haley’s jubilant little gasp. She’d almost forgotten he was still fully inside her. It felt so natural being filled with him.

Pleased and more than overstimulated, she pulled herself off him. The slick warmth of her own pleasure was slippery between her thighs and the heat of the load he’d filled her with started to dribble down her leg. When fingers when to wipe it, José caught her wrist

“Don’t.” José’s hand rested below her midriff. “Let it stay there. It’s my present for you. Walk all the way to your class. If anyone asks just show them this.” He turned her wrist in his hand and, with a reach, pulled a thick permanent marker out of his pocket. Uncapping it with his teeth, he wrote his number along her slender wrist.

“Tell them that you got used and that you’re very thankful for it.”

“And what if I’m not?” Haley rubbed her thumb over the mark. It had already dried.

“Then wash it off.” José tucked the marker away. “But if you do you won’t be able to figure out which study room I’ll be in Monday.”

“And what about you?”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m just some stranger.”

“You’re ridiculous.” Haley said. “Put yourself away so I can stand up.”

When José had, she stood. While his seed was still painted between her thighs, she pulled the wrap tight around herself and looked one last time around the quad. She could almost laugh. It seemed that, for the time being, that she’d gotten away with having a fantastic few minutes of fun.

Without a word, even a thank you, she collected up her stuff and hurried off. She had just a few slim minutes to get to her class and she couldn’t let a random guy delay her. Halfway across the quad, she dared to peek back. By then José was off in his own direction.

Content with her adventure, she whipped out her phone and snapped one last selfie. The sun was perfect, after all. The number on her wrist was there when she reached out her phone of that picture. She couldn’t help but laugh. No one knew what was on her wrist or what she hid beneath the cloth. Beaming, she snapped a selfie and, finding it as perfect as it could be, she posted it online.

There was no caption, just a smiling face. It was only a few minutes before a commenter spotted a pair of bikini bottoms, ones that matches her top perfectly, still laid across the grass on the quad.

She played if off as best as she could. A little excuse and a quick rush back covered her indiscretion well enough. She’d be a little more careful next time.


It’s fun and refreshing to be writing Haley again. At least, writing her while she’s not completely blanked. Wondering when her and José met before? It has something to do with his girlfriend, Amy, and where she works. That’s a story for another day. It’s a much longer story about what, exactly, happened after Amy accidentally blanked herself in this story. 

Anyways I’m on reddit now and you can follow me. If you’re not following me on Twitter, you’re also missing out on all the day-to-day sketches and previews I post there. Give me a follow and maybe, someday, I’ll actually hit 10k!

– PotluckSoup

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