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Her Fantasy [Part 2]

PotluckSoup — Her Fantasy
PotluckSoup — Her Fantasy

Like before, Kendall was in the burly man’s arms. On Kendall’s orders he was delivering her to room 413. Inside there was a nude, broad shouldered man. His face was instantly recognizable to her. It was the blank she’d reserved before.

He too wore the same blue collar as the “outtie” blank the University’s President gifted to her and had the same blanked glow in his eyes. When she saw him the lights clicked on in Kendall’s mind.

Two blanks!

Still burning with unfulfilled lust from the cut-short session with the man holding her, she hurriedly hopped from his arms.

Both blanks looked at her with a desperate, lusty gaze. It was as if they were just waiting for the okay to tear off her clothes and help themselves to her fit, pale body. Kendall sauntered up 413. He was nude. A pair of leather cuffs bound his hands to a cheap looking wooden chair.
Kendall couldn’t wait a second more. She dropped to her knees and felt up his thick thighs. He was lean, strong, and she took immense pleasure in petting, kissing and licking him up and down. Exploring his body with her lips was a treat. His body was all hers. She draped her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his torso.

“Take me.” She whispered in his ear. On this command, the blank tried. Every muscle in his body flexed. Kendall felt his muscles ripple and struggle against the cuffs.

“Try harder. I want you.” Kendall nuzzled the blanks neck. It fought. The feeling of the solid quads grinding against Kendall’s pussy was like a drug. All she wanted was that touch. All she could feel was the ache to be filled up. She wanted the thick man under her to take her and fuck her body until she couldn’t walk right. The teasing and the tension only made her passion build more and more.

“I said try harder. Take me.” She moaned.

Again the struggle only made her hotter. Only lust remained in her mind. Was this what being blanked felt like? Was this what those mindless bodies felt for hours? Maybe she’d try it one day. But today? Not today. It was time to play.

Time to make an old fantasy come true.

Kendall smiled and slid to her knees. She stroked the bound blank until he was swollen and hard in her hands. Pumping and pulling she played with him. Desperate, and nearly nothing but horny, he watched hungrily as Kendall wrapped her lips around him and sucked softly. Rocking her head back and forth, she licked her tongue along it, fondled his balls and plunged the hard cock into her mouth, edging and teasing the man again and again until the man’s legs were quivering with desire for her touch.
Moving her lips and mouth over the man, she slowed to a stop and pulled her mouth off the tied up blank. His body begged her and she drank in the feeling of having that power over him. Kendall stepped back and looked at how the blank was nearly in pain from being so desperate for her to return the pleasure she’d bestowed upon with.

Kendall felt alive, free for the first time. The feeling of this body, just for her to use, completely submissive to her commands. She felt hot. Here she was a queen. Here she was in command. Here she would be worshiped. Here she was the god and the only salvation for the poor, bound sinner was to partake of her body. The fury of her passion burst and she was as wet as she had been while fucking her borrowed blank in the lobby.

Now they were in private and she was in charge of this scene. No peasants gawking. Just her and her little loyal harem. Finally. She could make him want her, torture him, make him watch her as the other blank used her first.

Yes. The other blank could use her.

There was enough lust pent up in her little body to share between the two men.

“Fuck me,” Kendall whispered in her bound slave’s ear, wrapping one arm around the man’s neck and and reaching down to take his balls in the other. His body quivered. The blank was built well, tall, toned, and strong. The cuffs were stronger. They held tight.

Leaving with a kiss on his neck, Kendall sauntered back to her borrowed blank. She kneeled and took him into her mouth. The taste of her own body was still on him when she started sucking. Rough fingers gripped her hair and pulled her mouth, then her throat, over his cock again and again. The long streams of saliva slapped all around her face and in thin lines between it and her slave’s dick.

Over her shoulder the bound blank breathed deep and heavy. It fought to get free. The only thing it managed to get from Kendall was a wink before she wrapped her mouth around the other blank again, took it’s ball’s into her hand gently. Kendall was in heaven. Her finger pressed against her pants and she petted her crotch through them. The sound of her moans and to slap slap of the man’s thrusts against her mouth filled the room.

Then, the sound of shattering wood filled it.

With her lips still wrapped about the borrowed blank’s, Kendall’s hips lifted up off the ground when two strong, still-cuffed hands, took her pants and tore them into shreds of fabric dangling off her ankles.

Next came her underwear. They were ripped from her, right in two, clean off her body. Shredded, they fell off her now bare hips and tight round ass.
Kendall gasped. With mindless, feral intensity, 413 took one of her legs in each hand, spread them wide so that her wet lips folded open for him and trust straight into her. A gasp and a quiver broke out of Kendall. She sucked in air again, but it only pulled her borrowed blank into her mouth deeper. Now he took her head in his hands. Those thick fingers wrapped around her flushed cheeks and grabbed them tight as he trust into her mouth again and again, face fucking her senseless.

Her skinny body rocked back and forth, hung between then, spit-roasted as her fuckslaves thrust in and out of each of her used holes. One end of her filled up, then the other. When Kendall found a chance to speak between desperate moans, she screamed for more. She was nothing more than a sleeve for those men and they were nothing more than a couple of hard, warm toys for her.

The two blanks wrecked her, muscular machines pumping her body from both sides.

Kendall was lost in it. The feeling of them deep inside her.

It was maddening. It was furious. It was passion.

The taste. The sound. The heat. The pleasure.

A fire in Kendall burned as they fucked.

Her fantasy was real. Finally. Real.

More. She screamed. More.

The burning heat of it.

It was amazing.

The pleasure.







Kendall’s back arched between the two men. The dam of tension in her body burst in a convulsing wave that drowned her mind and body. The blanks felt it and shuddered, letting loose their hot loads, filling Kendall from both ends.

With one final shudder, Kendall broke loose from their grip and her pretty, cum filled body slapped down to the cool Center floor. She laid there for a while, drunk on the tingling pleasure and the musk of the blank’s seed.

After a while, her mind returned to her and with it came glee. She rolled on the floor in a fit of giddy laughter. Wanting to make sure that this wasn’t just a dream she even pinched her cheeks. Deciding that it was real she laid there, staring at the ceiling, petting her clit as the dull ache between her hips faded.

After a few blinks and breaths she scrambled for her phone and held it up for a selfie. The picture she took showed off the cum that was splashed across out of her mouth and across her chin. Her tight shirt was coated where it had fallen on the top of her breasts and splattered across the university’s letters.

“Finally hit the center,” she texted her roommate. “You were right. 100% worth it.” She sent the message with the selfie.

The Center was more than she’d ever hoped for. Here she could use anyone and be used. Everyone back home had to hear about this. Maybe they’d even build a Center there!

For now though, Kendall was thinking about her next visit to the Center. She was already dreaming up some new fantasies she wanted to try out with her boyfriend.

Or maybe, she thought, maybe next time she’d get blanked instead.

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