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Haley’s Day Off [Part 1]

Potluck Soup — Haley's Day Off Pt1

A shudder of excitement tickled Haley as she stepped through the Student Body Rental Center’s sliding glass doors. This was a day to treat herself with some mindless fun.

“Welcome miss, my name’s Amy, are you here to use or be used?” A doe eyed, short woman asked.


Looking up from her pad, Amy, like most people, recognized Haley Hawthorne instantly. She was one of their University’s biggest social media starlets.

“Is this your first time here in the SBRC?” Amy asked, already knowing the answer was yes. All the big names make a bunch of posts when they went to a Center for the first time.

“Yeah,” Haley tried to keep her cool, but let out a nervous laugh. She worried that people might not follow her if they could just use her whenever they wanted. On the other hand, she thought, it was the a great way to burn off the calories from what she swore must have been hundreds of dollars worth of study-time lattes.

“How long would you like? We offer up to four three-hour doses per day.” Haley decided on six wild, uninterrupted hours of sexual free use. Sex, exercise and a vacation for her brain all at once? The idea seemed like a dream. She could see why Centers were the popping everywhere. It was an amazing way for students to de-stress.

“I’ll prep the injection,” Amy said. Amy, in her blue scrubs, felt dumpy compared to the model whose designer clothes fit so well they might as well have been painted on.

“I have a few questions before you can start.” Amy asked.

“Go for it.”

“In or out?”

“Innie.” She had heard about the wild adventures that outies had. Having her clothes soaked in cum, that was one thing. She could wash that off after a few selfies for her fans when the dose wore off. She didn’t want to have to hunt down her clothes across campus though.

“Single or group room?” Amy asked.

“Any room type you’d like best? We have dormitory, dungeon, hotel, or hospital, of course. The playroom is for the groups only. We have deluxe rooms too, if you’re interested, but there might be a waiting list.”

Haley settled on the dormitory. The thought of it reminded her of when she’d visit her old Freshman fling. She loved the way he’d pull her from the hall, slide her pajamas down and wildly fuck her against the window for everyone to see.

“Any restrictions?”


“The Center takes care of your basic safety and hygiene. If you really don’t like anal, for example, we can limit that.”

“None.” Haley loved anal.

“Smile for the camera.” It flashed and Haley’s picture uploaded with her new profile. Six hits lined up immediately; two women and four men.

“Do you want to know your collar number?” She was allowed to look up who used her afterwards. Haley declined. Not knowing who fucked her raw was the point of it all.

Amy admired the patient’s neck as she handed her a collar that looked like a giant version of the fitness band, like the one on Haley’s wrist. With a mechanical snap the collar locked around Haley’s neck. It felt safe to her, tight and commanding. Her hips and rear wiggled in anticipation for the workout they’d soon get.

“Please take your time getting prepped or dressed,” Amy said. “I’ll be right back with the injection.”

Haley threw her backpack on the ground, kicked off her sneakers, reached down, untied her sweatpants and slipped them down around her knees. Now in just her shirt and a black pair of panites, she felt the cool clinic air lick against her crotch. She was wet from the thought of her body being checked out like a book in a library. The recklessness of it was intoxicating. She wondered how many hands would worship every inch of her. The thought of countless people using her. She wondered how many load would fall on her face and chest. Her fingers traced the imaginary paths down her chin to her stomach.

She took out her phone. One hand slid into her underwear as she snapped a selfie.

“About to get blanked,” she typed. “Come say hi, ” she signed it with a winking emoji. When she posted the likes flew in and she knew her followers would be there for a visit soon.

She lifted up her shirt and held it in her mouth, revealing the black sports bra she was wearing underneath. Her hand returned to her pants again. Snap, another selfie for the followers. She didn’t even notice she was rubbing her clit as she hit send.

Haley’s slipped off her shirt and pulled off her bra, exposing her breasts to the cold air. She smiled devilishly and pulled out her camera again. Covering her breasts with one hand she winked, snapped a selfie, and sent it out to her followers.

“Miss are you ready?” Amy peeked her head back in.

“Just about,” Haley slipped her exercise shirt back on. Her nipples poked through it’s thin fabric.

“How do I look?”

“Amazing.” Amy couldn’t help but feel starstruck, a little jealous too. She hadn’t had a day off in two weeks and hadn’t been used as a blank in months. Meanwhile the model was here and in just a few minutes she already had almost a hundred users in line for her. She tried to focus and hold up an injection rod that would turn her patient into a mindless fucktoy. She pressed the rounded side of the device against the skin on Haley’s neck once the woman was ready. A pneumatic pop told her that two of the injector’s four doses were now coursing through her bloodstream.

“You’ll start to feel the effects in about five.”

Haley took a deep breath. Nothing yet.


A tingling feeling danced up Haley’s thighs, licked it’s way across her crotch and rode up her back as a shiver. A storm of giddiness swirled stronger in her head with each breath she took.


Haley’s back arched as her muscles loosened.

“Two,” Amy looked up. The brunette’s brown eyes wandered over Amy’s body. Haley’s mind was blanked away for the next six hours.

“One. Haley Hawthorne, registered use number 213.” Amy attached a leather leash to the fresh blank’s collar and lead her to one of the free dormitory rooms. The tablet beeped the whole way, each sound another person queued up to use Haley’s mindless body for their own desires. More classes were letting out and almost fifty more people were lined up before Amy was able to deliver her to an open dormitory room. Amy was sure 213 might break some sort of Center record.

“Sit here,” Amy commanded, wrapping the leash around a bedpost. The blank’s shirt had ridden up, the bottom of her perky breasts peeking out. Amy’s eyes drifted from her tablet and the growing list. She couldn’t help herself. Her gaze lingered on every muscle on Haley’s stomach as it stretched and breathed softly. The fucktoy’s eyes returned a ravenous gaze.

Amy paused. She figured it was almost her lunch break. She’d already schemed ways she could talk José, her crush and fellow intern, into a quickie over her break. But he’d turned her down, not once, but twice, the prude! She let out a long, longing sign as she imagined his strong hands grabbing her hips and thrusting deep into her. He was a lucky bastard. He had the day off. She was stuck envying a fuckdoll.

“Dammit,” Amy groaned as the tablet dinged again and again. Amy chewed on her lip. Her eyes tracing the inside of 213’s thighs. There weren’t many perks to being a clinic intern. The pay was shit. The hours were worse. The work was frustrating, just like working at a buffet when you’re always hungry. Then again, she thought, there was one perk. Interns could jump any line at the Center, assuming they weren’t on the clock.

“Guess I’m taking lunch early,” Amy shrugged. With a toss the tablet and injector were a pile on the far side of the bed. Her shirt followed as she pounced on Haley, embracing her soft lips. Mindlessly, the fucktoy pecked and nibbled back.

“Come here, lets see how flexible you are miss yoga girl. Sit.”

The blank sat like an obedient dog.

“Good girl. Come to me.”

With her ass swaying back and forth, the mindless woman tugged at Amy’s shirt, lifted it, and started licking.

“Good girl,” Amy said, dropping the leash, grabbing Haley’s collar and locking her in a dominating kiss. Their tongues wrestled as Haley caressed Amy’s breasts through her bra.

“Down 213.”

Haley obeyed, her brown eyes staring like a puppy waiting for a treat

“Good girl.” Amy reached out under her new pet’s shirt and wrapped her fingers around the woman’s perky breast. The touch inspired a quiver and a sharp gasp of ecstasy.

“Fake tits?” Amy’s blue eyes widened, “You bitch. No wonder they looked so damn good.”Fake or not, she enjoyed letting her hands wander across them. Amy laughed and climbed on top of the blank, resting her own ass on the toned stomach and hipbones on the bottom’s waist.

“Mine aren’t.” Amy flashed her pink bra. Pulling off her pants, she revealed her own firm, round ass cradled in matching pink boy shorts. She was so excited that she could feel her wetness run down her leg. Sure, the cute underwear was meant for seducing José. It’s not like that was going anywhere, she thought. Plus, she figured 213 wouldn’t spoil the surprise.

Dammit, she thought, she wished she had more than her fifteen minute break. Next time she had a day off she promised herself that she’d get blanked. She was dripping at the thought of being used like that. Maybe she could talk Jose into renting her as an “outie.” That way he could fuck her in any hole, in any position, in any place he wanted.

It seemed like a fun date idea.

With one hand Amy pulled Haley by the collar towards her. Her other hand slipped down into the model’s boy shorts and stroked against her clit where she could feel the heat of her plaything’s pussy radiating. It’s hips ground against Amy’s hand, each gyration begging for her user’s touch inside. Amy teased instead. Her lips kissed one of 213’s nipples, pulled a it. A gasp of pleasure broke from the blank, her own hands raking against Amy’s back.

Potluck Soup — Haley's Day Off Part 2

Amy traced the curve of the woman’s abs with her tongue as her head fell down towards the blank’s underwear. The warmth of the woman’s pussy blended with the warmth of Amy’s breath as she pulled the boy shorts away. Amy’s fingers traces the gentle folds hidden there. Haley’s hands desperately grasped the frame of the bed as Amy gently rubbed against 213’s clit and folded open her lips.

“Good little slut,” Amy smiled. She stroked, slowly, testing and teasing. More than anything 213’s whole body, mindless as it was, desperately begged with wordless moans for the nurse to penetrate her dripping cunt. Amy feigned, her finger pressed against it. It slid up and almost in, but pulled back.

Amy smiled and sat up. “I think I’ll have you lick me instead.” She crawled up, her fingers finding their way to her own clit.

“Down,” Amy commanded, pushing the blank onto the bed with one hand. The blank slid her pussy up and down Amy’s leg, begging for pleasure with feral intensity. Amy gave in and was pleased how the blank dripped when she folded her open. A deep moan erupted when her finger slid smoothly up, down and then deep into the begging, dripping fucktoy’s cunt.

“Damn, I was kind of hoping you were packing down there.” Amy joked. Fingers were one thing, a good thing. The thought of having a dick, warm and throbbing, sliding in an out of her made her ass grind against the air almost instinctively. Even a toy would do at least. Fuck, Amy thought as she grabbed one of the blank’s nipples and pulled at it. The playroom would have something like that, but not the dormitory. Grabbing Haley’s collar she fell back and wrapped her legs behind the blank’s head.

Amy had an idea.

“Lick me,” she commanded.

Haley’s mindless body enthusiastically obeyed. Her arms reached down, grabbed Amy’s hips and pulled them towards her face. Amy held her breath in anticipation as the fuckdoll’s lips kissed her pussy. Her back arched and hips gyrated in time with the motion of Haley’s tongue. One hand pulled the nurse’s hips close. The other felt along the folds of her pussy, sliding along the woman’s wetness. Amy reached down, grabbed the blank’s hand and guided her fingers, sliding them in and out of her. The rental obeyed, finger fucking the gasping intern.

Amy clutched at her breasts, squeezing them tight as they bounced with each thrust. Her body twitched, spasmed, tightened and warmth burst through it. She laid there for a bit, enjoying the giddy lightheartedness before pushing the blank off her and sitting up. She had needed that more than she thought. Her gaze fell down to the blank, whose tongue licked her inner thighs.

A new idea flashed into Amy’s mind. She grabbed 213 by her collar and and pushed her ass up into the air. She slid under the blanked woman, wrapped one hand around one of her toned legs.

“Smile 213,” Amy stuck out her tongue and snapped a selfie with the blank’s legs spread wide above her.

“On break at the clinic,” she typed, “want to join?” She smiled as she sent the message off to José.

Ding. One new message.

“I can’t. I’m studying.”

Amy pouted. Really, she though, really? This was a two for one special and he has to study? What a wet blanket! With a determined and devious smile, she reached for the injector rod. Amy threw 213 down, sat on her back and pulled the rental’s ass towards her.

Click. She started a video. She licked along the side of the injector cylinder, ran it between her breasts. She kissed to the camera and pointed it at 213’s pussy before sliding the injector into it. 213’s back arched and she gasped with pleasure.

“Better hurry,” Amy said, licking 213’s back, still fucking her with the improvised toy. The phone beeps as the video ends and sends. Amy waited, mindlessly sliding the injector in and out of 213.

Ding. One new picture message.

“You fucking tease!”

Amy’s eyes lit up when she saw the pic. His pants, an obvious bulge, and a finger flipping her off.

“Naughty boy,” she texted back, “come on over and I’ll help you unload.” She ended the text with a winking face and hit send. She was still absentmindedly fucking the 213’s body with the injector.

Ding. One new message.

“On my way!”

“Yes!” Amy fist punched the air. She climbed on top of 213, wrapped the woman’s legs around her own hips. One hand pulled at the living fucktoy’s leash, drawing her chest up towards her own. The other fell to the improvised toy sticking out of Haley’s pussy. She led the other end of the toy between her own thighs and let the tip slid into her. She moaned. It’s wasn’t José, not yet, but it would do until he arrived. The two women let the rod slide in and out between their legs. With a pull on 213’s collar and a thrust of her own hips, their wet cunts slid over the toy, their pussies kissing in the middle, the rod thrusting deep inside them both.

Ding. One new message.

“Almost there. Which room?”

“Dorm #5.”

Amy’s free hand was petting her fucktoy’s stomach when she hit send. 213’s back arched, eager for a deeper thrust from the injector.

Amy obliged and her eyes went wide when she heard a muffled pneumatic pop. She had forgotten about the two extra doses.

Potluck Soup — Haley's Day Off Part 3

She was exited, for the first two second. She was finally going to get the break she wanted, just a little earlier than she first planned. The thought of José kicking off a six hour session of the sexual freeuse of her body made he body tingly almost as much as the injection’s effects as they blossomed through her.

Her last thought that day as Amy was a burst of excitement. Her and Haley, a two for one, they’d definitely set a new Center record!

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  • Libs
    October 1, 2019 at 1:35 am

    Loved it!!! Can’t wait for the next part. The ending twist to this one was prefect and unique.