Flash Fiction

Figure Drawing 101

Potluck Soup — Figure Drawing 101
PotluckSoup — Figure Drawing 101

“Last time they tied me to an easel and edged me for hours.” Traci said, still sex drunk. She tried to cover her breasts as she walked, blushing at passing and gawking art undergrads.

“That’s why I bet them that they couldn’t go one class without trying to fuck someone. I guess they didn’t expect me to pose with you.” The feeling of still-hot cum dripping down her leg and the figure drawing model flushed and panting next to her was proof that she’d won.

“You can just do that?” Traci said. “What happens now that they lost?”

“Just a little perk of being a TA. I gave them extra homework. Now the whole class has to check into the Clinic for homecoming weekend. Which reminds me,” Gina eyed Traci hungrily, “bend over and let me lick that off you ‘cause I bet we can send my next class too.”

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