Flash Fiction

Study Session

Potluck Soup — Study Session
PotluckSoup — Study Session

“Dios mio,” Camilia stretched lazily across her dormmate’s bed. “I came over to study, not to fuck you and your boyfriend. If I wanted to slack off like that I’d get blanked.”

“I’ve never been.” Kendall twirled her hair around her finger. “Anyone can use you, right?”

“Sure, or you can use anyone there. It’s great, you should really try it sometime,” Camilia said running her fingers down the pale woman’s toned stomach. “But, sometimes it’s nice knowing who’s inside me, you know? Like, when your bf pulled out of you and slid into me and it was just like…” Camilia trailed off into a moan and her body writhed and shivered at the memory of it.

“You can borrow him whenever.” Kendall said with an doe eyed, excited smile. “But could you, you know, maybe walk me to the Center? I think I want to try it.”

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