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Cheer Practice

Potluck Soup — Cheer Practice
PotluckSoup — Cheer Practice

Nay held her pompoms in front of her as if they were a frilly pink shield protecting her from the swollen purple dildo stuck to the wooden training box. Her brown doe-eyes darted between the thick thing and her cheer captain.

“The whole thing?” Nay’s shoulders scrunched up.

“That’s right newbie.” Ava pumped her own pom-poms excitedly into the air. “You gotta be able to fit it in you mouth and ass too.”

“So that the players can use us?”

“Naw.” Ava waved the thought away. “During the games we do the whole dance and cheer thing but the coaches get angry if we distract the players too much. But we’re cheerleaders and we gotta boost morale and spread team spirit on campus in other ways, not just during games!”

“Team spirit!” Nay echoed.

“The dummy is just here help teach you the cheer team’s super secret seduction technique. It’s a big hit at parties.”

“Yay. This’ll be fun. Teach! Teach me please.” Nay sang and hopped up and down. Ava couldn’t help but watch the brunette’s heavy chest bouncing. She figured that with some blonde hair, and the right outfit, the short thing would be a perfect fun-sized pet bimbo.

“Lesson one-oh-one, “ Ava continued, “is for when you want to be in charge. Turns out you don’t even have to get someone blanked to turn them into a horny dummy.” Ava stretched her back, arched her back and stuck out her chest.

“Ready for lesson one-oh-one newbie?”


“You sure?”


“Okay. Three. Two. One.” Ava bit her lip and trailed off before walking forward shyly.

“You’re cute, you know?” Ava said, her bright blue eyes looking Nay’s body up and down.

Nay lit up at the surprise compliment.

“I know we don’t know each other too well but,” Ava sauntered forward. “Would you like to play with my body?”

Nay froze. It was as if her captain has miraculously heard her deepest desires.

“You can have me. However you like.” Ava bent forward, pressing her chest against Nays, and whispering into her ear. “Would you like that newbie?”

Nay nodded enthusiastically.

“Give me your hand then.”

Nay obliged and Ava took it, guided it down to her inner thighs.

“Would you like more? Do you want to feel how wet you’re making me?”

Slowly and smoothly, Ava guided Nay’s fingers up under her skirt. There Nay felt the radiating warmth of her captain’s pussy. She desperately wanted to explore those soft lips but didn’t dare to without the command.

“So, what’s your name newbie?” Ava hid a silent moan behind a sly smile as she allowed the brunettes fingers to pet against her. After a few choking stutters, Nay answered.

“I’m um, Nay. I mean my name is Nayeli Narvaez. But you can call me Nay. Thank you for letting me touch you miss. I think you’re very cute.” The freshman could feel her captain’s wetness building as her hands were invited to pet her pussy again and again.

“Do you know what I want you to do for me?”

“No miss, what?” Nayeli said shyly as her thumb pressed gently against Ava’s clit. The blonde’s knees buckled and she was barely able to grab the wooden training block next to her.  This little practice session was a little more exciting than she’s expected.

“Kneel down and watch. No touching. Not me. Not yourself either.” Ava took Nay’s hand gently and pulled it out of her, leaving a thin lick of her dripping wetness. She took a deep breath, shut her eyes tight and shook the haze away from her head. When she opened her eyes again Nay was there, eagerly cleaning off her fingers with her mouth.

“I thought I said no touching?”

“Sorry miss.” Nay’s hands shot down to her sides.

“You’re a bad girl. I was going to let you watch me use that.” Ava nodded at the purple toy.  “Now you have to beg.”

“Beg for what miss?”

“Beg for me to please myself. Beg that I let you watch.”

“Please miss.”

“Please what?”

“Please let me watch you pleasure yourself.” Nay pouted. “I’m sorry I was bad. I’ll be good. I’ll be really good. Please let me watch.”

“Good girl.” Ava turned Nay’s chin to the side and kissed along her neck.


Nay kneeled, planting herself in front of Ava as an eager dog might.

“How much of it do you think I can fit this in me?” Ava bend down and wrapped her hands around her ankles. Behind her the swollen purple toy pushed up the back of her skirt. She ground against it once, wetting it with her pussy before locking eyes again with Nay.

“Oh. I don’t know.” Nay said, staring blankly at her captain’s body teasing the purple toy.

“Would you like to find out?” Ava commanded Nay to her side, took her hand, and wrapped it around the purple toy.  Nay gave it a ponderous stroke, once, twice, and then pressed it gently against Ava’s pussy.

“Good girl. Would you like to put it in me?”

Nay nodded, biting her lip back with excitement.

“Would you like it in you?”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit in all my little body, Miss.”

“We’ll give you a lot of practice.” Ava looked back. “You’ll have to fit this in your throat and ass too, whatever hole someone tells you to put it in. Can you do that for me Nay?”

Nay blushed at the thought of the toy penetrating her like that. She so eagerly wanted to please her captain and silently swore that she’d work extra hard to make sure that her body would be well trained, ready to be fucked by whoever wanted her.

“Come and give this toy a lick.” Ava said expectantly. “Make it good and wet for me. I’ll even let you pretend he’s some one cute.”

“Oh. Yes miss.” Nay dropped to her knees and took the purple toy in her hands. Her lips wrapped around it as she shoved it as deep in her throat as she could before nearly gagging on it. She wished she could practice again and again until she could fit it all the way down her throat, just to please her captain. Her hands pumped her saliva across it, properly lubing it up for her captain’s body.

“Not bad, for a newbie.” Ava took one of her legs and smoothly stretched herself into a standing splits. “You’ll get lots of practice. I promise.”

Nay, in return, promised that she’s practice as hard as she could, even at home if she had to.

“Do you want to see me use this, my little Nay?”

“Yes miss.”

“What would you do, just to watch me?”

“Anything you want miss.”

Ava smiled. Shifting her body, she let the purple toy plunge deep into her, sliding it fully into her body. A shiver of pleasure washed over her but she held the dramatic pose perfectly.

Nay shot to her feet, awestruck, completely transfixed by her captain pleasuring herself. She watched as the purple toy slid in and out of the blonde’s toned body. Every pump of it made her wish and yearn and want to feel the most gentle lick of that pleasure that Ava was privilege to.

Ava almost laughed and let her pose rest and both her feet fell to the ground again. She bent at the hips, never removing the toy from her, and reached out to pull Nay forward by the waist. She showered the freshman’s toned stomach with a flurry of pecking kisses.

“Do you like watching me pleasure myself?” Ava smiled up at Nay.

Nay nodded and begged for her captain to continue.

“Maybe later. How’d that all feel?” Ava pulled herself off the now-slick toy.

Nay blinked hard.

“Lesson one-oh-one girly. Seduction.” Ava adjuster her tiny skirt, pulling it as much as she could back down over her bubble round ass. “Any cheerleader needs to be able to make someone horny with a little flirting like that.”

“Don’t stop.” Nay said flatly.


“More. Please.” Nay begged. “I want to watch.”

“Aw, did I make you needy?”

Nay nodded sheepishly.

“Well how about this. We’ll finish practice, then I’ll take you home with me and we can do a little homework together. But on the way I’m going to get your hair dyed. I like them dumb and blonde. Do you want to be my dumb blonde slave Nay?”

“Yes miss.” Nay smiled. “Please make me your dumb blonde slave.”

“Deal. Now come climb on this toy. It’s time for your training.”

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