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Andrea’s “Internship”

Potluck Soup — Andrea's Internship
PotluckSoup — Andrea's Internship

“Well, it’s a normal internship. I guess?” Andrea said, wondering why the brunette was being so judgy. “Mostly I just help him around the office. I pick up stuff, do errands, make coffee, schedule appointments, and sometimes, if I’m good, he’ll play with me. It’s just, you know, office stuff?”

“See that’s what I’m talking about.” Jen sighed. “You can’t just say that. You better mean that he lets you play golf or tennis or something; whatever rich guys are into.”

“Oh,” Andrea patted Jen’s arm with a laugh. “No. Nothing boring like that. It’s more like he, um, he sometimes he puts my collar on me, dresses me up, and lets his clients borrow me for the night. If I’m really good he lets me pick what sort of thing I get to wear.”

Jen’s jaw started to slacken. Before she could say anything, Andrea continued.

“Or, ooh I know, sometimes he’ll put these handcuffs on me when we go to a big fancy party and let a bunch of people do fun things to me. That’s my favorite. Everyone is so nice.”

“Girl. That’s not how internships work.” Jen waved her hands around frantically.

“It isn’t?”

“No!” Jen fumed.

“But what about when I get to suck him off under his desk? Not even that?”

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