Flash Fiction

A Quick Date.

So, Hi.

Well hi to you too! That was fun. 😉

You’re amazing! That was wild!

I’ve never had someone stop me in the middle of a run to ask if I’d fuck them.

That was definitely a first.

It was nice. My legs still feel a little wobbly.

Can we do it again soon?

Pretty please?

Having you as my little fucktoy would be a treat.

Next time I see you wear something that shows off your slutty body for everyone to see.

Mmmmm. Yes. Please!

Potluck Soup — A Quick Date Pt2

It might not be my most slutty thing but I’m stuck here for the next few hours. So you’ll just have to enjoy this for now.

Well, you look fancy! What’s the occasion?

I have a date later. It’s with this cute guy who I run into sometimes while I’m exercising.

You wouldn’t know him ;D

He’s supposed to meet me at this boring thing I’m stuck at.

Ah. I see. Seems like a lucky guy.

Well, yeah. I don’t only wear cute pigtails and my sluttiest exercise stuff for just anyone.

Just for special occasions?

Just for when I want to get fucked by this dommy hottie. I don’t even know his name to be honest but it’s kind of hotter that way.

Speaking of hot… I hope he gets here soon.

It would make it a lot more fun if I had someone to use my slutty little body however they like.

I’m already on my way.

Good. I’m so wet I can’t handle it.

Potluck Soup — A Quick Date

Please fill me up soon. Don’t even say hi when you get here. Just pick me up and carry me somewhere to fuck me right away.

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