Flash Fiction

Behind the Counter

Potluck Soup — Behind the Counter

“Thanks for covering the last part of my shift.” Emma beamed. “You’re my hero. I owe you one.”

“You’re too cute. It’s my pleasure.” Penny winked as she felt a pair of hands grab her. She stifled a moan as the stranger’s warm shaft slid into her. “You just go have fun with your date tonight!”

“I hope your karma super seriously pays off and you get a lot of tips!” Emma said before practically dancing out of the coffee shop.

Penny waved goodbye and pressed her chest against the counter. She rocked her hips, enjoying every bit of warm pleasure that the stranger inside her caused. Emma’s has some good customers, Penny thought. She was excited to see how she could serve them.

Requested by pen-ante-lope.tumblr.com and over at twitter.com/ante_pen and featuring her OC, Penny!

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