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Sweet Relief

Potluck Soup — Sweet Relief Preview
PotluckSoup — Sweet Relief

“I can’t believe we’re getting the chance to do life drawing!” Naomi was practically beaming as she prepared her pencils and brushes for the upcoming class. The beautiful, bubbly redhead was bouncing on her seat. A live model almost always lead to fun, especially in a classroom packed with futa students almost as rowdy as Naomi.

“Don’t try and act all artsy, dumbass.” She pushed her raven side-cut across her face and joined Naomi in preparing her easel. “The bet from last week is getting me all worked up.” Lucia leaned back in her chair, her slim form shown off by her tight black corset and her fishnet wrapped thighs.

“Ehhh? There’s a bet?” Naomi put a finger to their chin in thought. The futa’s question was left unanswered as Liv, the figure drawing professor, strode into the studio.

“All set and ready class?” Liv addressed the uni students with a loud clap of her hands. The stunning, smartly dressed blonde scanned the room. “Now, I trust you all remember our bet from last week?”

“Seriously, what bet?” Naomi whispered to Lucia, who rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry to say,” Liv smiled, “That our usual model had a previous engagement this week.”

No one in class seemed to mind. They were fairly sure that Mr. Abernathy was actually just a homeless person who showed up naked one day and the professor had just decided to use him as their figure model from then on. However, they worried that this changed the bet a bit. They didn’t know the prize for winning or the punishment for losing yet. How hard could success be? Avoiding sexual activity with someone who looked and smelled more like an alcohol-soaked dead possum than a human seemed like a surefire victory.

“We do have a substitute who is willing to help.” Liv could barely contain obvious excitement. “Bella, if you would?”

A stunning olive-skinned bombshell with a dark ponytail that stretched down her slim back stepped into the room. The class marveled. Bella was wearing nothing more than a small robe. One that was clearly a few sizes too short and showed off her slender legs and abundant ass. Her brown eyes took in all the prettiest students. Naomi caught her glance and returned it with an embarrassed smile.

“Now girls, snap out of it!” Liv clapped her hands. “Bella is here to act as your model, let’s not waste her time, and yours, with senseless ogling and drooling!” Without warning, she took the model’s breasts and started roughly groping them, teasing out a moan from Bella.

“Jeez, is she pent up or something?” Naomi wondered aloud.

“Now, I trust at least some of you remember our little wager from last week?” Liv spoke in her usual professional tone, despite caressing the model. “For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, It’s quite a simple one, really. If you can control your, well, sexual urges for this entire session – you win!”

The class began to murmur loudly.

“The reward for your self-control,” Liv continued, “will be a semester free from homework.”

A lot of excited smiles and aroused glances began to spread across the budding artists. Even though she was already been aware of the deal Bella blushed heavily.

“Whaaaaa?” Naomi was taken aback.

“You totally forgot, didn’t you?” Lucia groaned.

“I probably wasn’t paying much attention.” Naomi smiled sweetly. “And the no homework part is new. That’ll give me way more time to have fun.”

Naomi looked Bella up and down, watching as the model ground against the professor. No one specifically said that using Bella after class was forbidden.

Liv clapped her hands again and the fantasizing class snapped out of their sweet dreams.

“If you should fail in this rather simple task,” Liv shouted, “then every one of you will be on relief duty for the entire weekend.” Liv looked directly at Naomi.

The class gasped in shock. Everyone of them would be mind blanked for the weekend if they lost? These new stakes were high, almost too high for some.

“Is that really that much of a punishment?” Naomi licked her lips.

“Well, not everyone is so down with getting mind-washed for a whole school to use as a living fucktoy Naomi.” Lucia said.

“Why not?” Naomi asked with a serious look.

“Just try to keep the homework in mind.”

“No promises.” Naomi raised a pencil up and looked intensely at Bella, who was slipping off her robe, revealing her sensual nude body. The promise of a homework-free semester kept the horniest ones, even the notorious futa Naomi, from abandoning their easels and helping themselves to the tantalizing nude figure in front of them.

Stoking their self control, the class began drawing. Each teasing pose showed off another part of Bella’s body; the curve of her ass, the way her breasts rose and fell with each breath, her shoulders, her hips. Slowly shy and blushing Bella blossomed. Her poses became more provocative. Heated tension filled the air. It built and built until every student, futa or not, was growing desperate. Each wanted to abandon their drawings and fall to the seduction.

Liv watched her class with concern. It was obvious how much trouble everyone was having holding back their urges. Truth be told, the idea of turning the entire class into dazed fucksleeves, no matter how unprofessional it was, was arousing. That was the point of the bet. With their minds gone, anyone could have their pick of the students and Liv wanted one more than any other; Naomi Nowst. Could that futa’s pretty mouth suck and swallow as well as it could sass?

“You know Bella,” Liv whispered gently, “I think you’ve made this just a little easy on my students.”

“H-huh? What do you mean? Am I doing something wrong?”

“Oh no no, not at all my dear!” Liv cupped Bella’s cheek softly and gave a challenging look around the studio. “You’re just perfect. It’s not your fault this class is a bunch of dead fish.”

Dead fish! The class scowled in unison at their professor as she made light of their incredible resilience.

“But you know what?” Liv undid her shirt. “I’m no dead fish.” Bella, in on Liv’s gamble, knew the futa secret hidden beneath the professor’s pencil skirt. Now unzipped, Liv’s massive, throbbing cock fell out.

“Did I tell you to stop drawing?” Liv quipped to her gawking class before wrapping her arms around Bella for a sloppy, sensual show of a kiss. The aroused class watched as Liv’s massive cock hardened against Bella’s tight tummy. Juices spewed from the tip, coating the model.

“You’re. A. Good kisser. Liv.” Bella fumbled with the words between her own gasps and moans and the professor’s lips against her own.

“Naturally.” Liv adjusted their glassed and huffed. “A proper professor has to know these things to pass onto their students.”

“How many have you fucked?” Bella feigned a whisper, making sure that the whole class heard it. She may not have known them but she was just as excited to win and have them mind-blanked and used.

“By the end of this session, it had better be every one of them” Liv flashed a devious, hungry smile so sexual the class couldn’t help but let out a collective gulp.

More than anyone, Naomi was enraptured. Their pencil fell to the ground and their hands slid into their shorts and gripped something warmer – their own cock. Each hungry stroke made Naomi grow thicker and harder. The last sliver of self control stared to quiver and give way to the lusty sensation. The class, and the homework, and the relief duty; Naomi had to behave!

It wasn’t fair, but they had to keep it together.

“You’re already struggling?” Lucia asked. Naomi pouted back at her, something that only made Lucia’s natural instincts to playfully tease grow stronger.

“Of course I am!” Naomi whined. “But I can’t just leap out there. The whole class. The punishment. They’ll be mad!”

“Well,” Lucia flashed a nasty grin. “It’s worth it if it makes us feel good, right?”

Naomi blinked dumbly.

Lucia’s chair scraped across the floor and she stood. The entire class paused and watched in nervous anticipation. They all knew her, the dominating type of person she was. She’d made sure of that since day one. Disobey a command just because it was a command? That was how she did things. She was always acting up or sassing the professor.

Now they wondered. Would the black-booted, raven-haired woman make the first move?

“Miss Lionel, is there a problem?” Liv challenged Lucia with her gaze.

Lucia ignored the questions, strode up, grabbed the back of Bella’s head, and pulled her into a deep kiss. Bella’s eyes went wide. The domination, the force of it made her melt. She forgot about her seductive act, the gamble, even the bombshell futa behind her. Hopelessly lost to the pleasure of the embrace, she wrapped her slender arms around Lucia’s neck.

“You do realize this means you’ve lost the bet, Miss Lionel?”

Lucia pulled away from the breathless Bella.

“Fuck yeah I do.”Wrapping a hand around Bella’s back, Lucia pulled the models chest up and planted her lips against the pillowy curves. An instant passed and she was on her knees, squatting down before Bella. With one hand Lucia started playing with Bella’s pussy. Her other hand stroked Liv’s angrily throbbing cock.

Another stool slid across the floor.

Naomi undid their short-cut jean shorts and pulled out a raging monstercock. A shocked Liv couldn’t help but start at their rival’s impressive package with a wicked mix of anger, jealousy, and a tingling lust.

Soon Naomi was next to Lucia, who took her into her mouth alongside Liv. Ecstasy filled Lucia. It was as if she were in heaven. Both Naomi and Liv’s pulsing cocks were in her. The sensuous sound of her throating them  echoed through the room.

It was like a match thrown on dry tinder that was the rest of the class. An orgy of hot, frantic passion blazed across the studio. Everybody was caught up in it. Futas furiously stroked their own veiny cocks or drilled their fingers into their own soaking holes.

Naomi placed her hands on Bella’s shoulders. The tall, statuesque futa had little trouble forcing the meek, cock-addled model to her knees. Sliding from Lucia’s mouth, they pressed it to Bella’s forhead.

“Swallow it down!” Naomi demanded.

Bella’s did so eagerly, taking Naomi into the back of her throat. The river of juices flowing down her thighs show just how much she loved being commanded and bossed around by the voluptuous futa.

Lucia pulled Liv from her mouth and looked up with a mischievous smile. She started stroking the fat length up and down with measured, precise movements. The enraptured crowd enjoyed watching their dominating blonde professor control the usually intimidating goth woman. But, the way Lucia gripped the shaft between her hands, it told Liv who was really in control.

“You’ve got a real nice fucking cock, prof.” Lucia moaned. ”If you weren’t such a bitch, we might be able to do this more often.”

“Who do you think you’re talking to, you goth fucktoooooh…” They were cut short by Lucia’s tongue wrapping around the sensitive cocktip. Only one person got to be that mouthy with Lucia and she wanted Liv to know that it wasn’t them. Liv bit their bottom lip, partly in restrained pleasure, partly in restrained frustration. As Lucia’s talented tongue began to work its magic on her, that same restraint and frustration melted in to a wave of moans and gasps.

Lucia pulled away, leaving Liv teetering at the edge of an orgasm.

“Flood my throat with your thick load.” Lucia commanded. She wrapped her lips around her professor’s cock and took it deep into her. Liv shuddered, and bust into Lucia. The hot seed filled her mouth and fell across her chin and covered her chest with its heat.

“Sorry folks! We lost the bet!” Naomi shouted out, entirely unrepentant about it. “Might as well get your fun in while you can, yeah?”

Defeat never felt better. Pencils dropped as the entire maddened class jump in to join the orgy.


About the Author

“Sweet Relief” was written by author Lewd_Semprini and commissioned by kamenjojo (@kamenjojo). The story was loosely based off of Figure Drawing 101 by Potlucksoup. It was originally posed by Lewd_Semprini to their Hentai Foundry page. This version was edited and reposted here with the author and commissioner’s permission.

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