Flash Fiction

The Girl From The Coffeeshop

Potluck Soup — The Girl from the Coffee Shop
PotluckSoup — The Girl from the Coffeeshop

“Sal, aw, you made it!” Emma felt butterflies dance in her stomach as her friend pulled up her sweater, exposing her perky chest to the crowd all around. “Is this how you say hello to all your dates? You know, everyone isn’t supposed to see this until the fundraiser starts!”

“Its just a preview for later.” Sal grinned and pushed her face into Emma’s fuzzy sweater.

“I heard you like that sort of thing,” Her date’s breast felt so wonderfully warm in her hands and she gave a them a flirtatious squeeze. Her fingers wandered to Emma’s nipples and she gave them a playful pinch. “Sorry I’m late to our first official date, I got tied up for a while.”

“Speaking of getting tied up,” Emma handed over a coffee and pulled the perky redhead by the metal ring on her collar, “if we don’t hurry we’ll be late. It’s going to be a fun night!”

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