Flash Fiction

A Fair Trade

Potluck Soup — A Fair Trade

“You can’t just play games all day, you have to go and meet people.” Cassie scolded, dragging her groaning sister behind her. “See there’s Sabrina! Sabrina! Looks like the auction went well!” The half-naked, cum covered woman gave a giddy, sex-drunk wave. Cassie couldn’t help but get lost in the thought of licking her clean before testing out a few new toys on her.

“Hey mister, wanna trade? Just drop Sal off at the Center when you’re done, okay?”

“What?” Sal pouted. “I’m supposed to go on a date with Emma tonight after she’s off work!”

“I’ll just send her Sabrina instead when I’m done. She’ll totally forgive you.”

Mr. Hyunmin happily accepted the trade. Sal’s mood brightened after he told her that the whole English department would love to meet her, and use her that same way they’d used Sabrina last night.

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