Flash Fiction

After a Swim

Potluck Soup — After a Swim
PotluckSoup — After a Swim

“Hey cutie, would you like to use my pussy? My body is yours. Do you want my mouth, my asshole? Don’t make me beg.” Taylor said. She bent over, pulled her swimsuit bottom to her ankles. Her pussy spread, dripping desperately for the stranger. “If you choose me, I’ll let you cum in your favorite place. You can have me right here in the bathroom, if you’d like.”

“I’ll let you use any hole. You can finish wherever; on my chest, my face, inside me” Jen flashed a challenging smirk towards Taylor then bent over and slid her own swimsuit bottom off. “After you’d done with me here, we can go to the clinic together. I’ll let my body be your personal fucktoy, your dirty little pet, for the whole weekend. Would you like that, sir?”

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