Flash Fiction

The Wine Is So-So

Potluck Soup — The Wine is So-So

“This is a nice place. You look great laid out on this table. How about we meet here again next week?” Jaime grunted and thrust deep into the sweaty waitress bent over in front of him.

“I’m kind of seeing someone.” Laurel said shyly, silently hoping her boyfriend wouldn’t mind how much fun she was having. “You’re, um, not my kind mister. You’re kind of too old for me.”

“Not you.” Jaime laughed. “I was talking to my wife.”

“The wine is so-so.” Courtney said with a tipsy smile. “But yes, I suppose we could, but only if you pull out and finish inside me so we can eat. Girl, shouldn’t you be grabbing our dinners?”

“Yes ma’am.” Laurel smiled sheepishly. She slid off the table, shyly collected up her clothes and tried to hide the cum that was running down her leg as she hurried to the kitchen.

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