Emma and Sal’s First Date


Shy gamer Sal Quinn finds herself lost in a daydream after reading about her celebrity crush’s misadventures. When that crush crosses Sal’s path, her night becomes an ever escalating adventure of sexual exploration and kinky play. Like Cinderella, Sal is swept away to a glittering gala; one that’s more wild than she could have never imagined.

  • Featuring — Sal Quinn, Emma Troxell, and Cassie Quinn
  • Length — About 1 hour read time.
  • Digital Novella — Downloadable as a .pdf formatted for easy and discreet reading on phones and devices.
  • Download Size — 15mb


Fifteen *titillating* Potlucksoup illustrations help bring the kinky story of Emma and Sal’s First Date, the first full erotic novella written by Potlucksoup, to life. If you are a fan of the shorts and flash fiction posts on potlucksoup.com, you’ll enjoy this wholesome erotica about Sal, Emma, and Cassie’s sensual adventures.

This ebook is for adults only! — Emma and Sal’s First Date includes explicit descriptions and illustrations of; FFM sex, FF sex, FM sex, exhibitionism, light incest (flirtatious touching, petplay, dom/sub play), and light BDSM (pet play, dom/sub play, light bondage, freeuse.)

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