YCH Pose Commissions


Sometimes, a full commission is just a little too expensive. “Your Character Here (YCH)” commissions are the answer! Select the pose you want from the drop down and send your the details you would like to see for your commission to potlucksoup@gmail.com. Usual turn around times for YCH commissions are a week.

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A more simple line-art illustration commission. Choose the pose from the growing list above.

Commission Rules

  • Each ych slot is for one character/figure.
  • If you’re looking for something more advanced, consider commissioning a full scene.
  • Both NSFW + SWF content is allowed. (You must be 18+ for either.)
  • Fanart or art of an original character are both allowed.
  • If you would like original characters, please have a description, reference pics, or reference info ready.
  • For people’s safety and privacy, please don’t send any explicit or revealing photos as references.
  • If your OC is based on a real-life person, please make sure to have their explicit and enthusiastic consent before asking for a commission.
  • No extreme gore, guro, viscera, gibs, or other explicit graphic violence.
  • No characters that are children, loli, minors, children, kiddos, babinos, tykes, tots, teens, youngsters, youth, underage in either mind or body, or underage looking in general.
  • No hateful content.

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