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A Calculated Bet

Potluck Soup — A Calculated Bet

Gina let out an exaggerated huff.

Her class was getting impatient. She was just a general teacher’s assistant. Outside of teaching them how to draw figure, she didn’t have much authority to keep them there if the model didn’t show up soon. Any longer and she was sure they’d start wandering off.

“Well,” Gina cleared her throat, “It seems like Traci won’t make it today. None the less, lets all get out our sketchbooks. We’ll practice some five minute figure gestures. Remember to focus on drawing the lines, the impression of the figure, don’t worry about capturing too much detail.”

“Um, Miss Gonzalez?” An artist with a shock of blue in her hair raised her hand. “There is no model?”

“I know Manon.” Gina shrugged. “We’ll work with what we have. For now, I’ll model. Unless someone would like to volunteer?”

There were no volunteers so Gina kicked off her black low-heeled shoes. She stepped up into the bright spotlight on the modeling stand. Around her the students dutifully, though lackadaisically, unpacked their supplies.

Up on the stand Gina slid off the light petticoat she was wearing and let it fall to the ground. With it gone, she’d revealed a trim, dark and professional skirt that looked like an apron on top and hung down loosely around her knees. Beneath it she wore a black turtleneck and matching stockings. It was a cozy outfit for a mild fall day. Under the warm spotlight, it felt a little stifling.

“We’ll start with one pose. Then every five minutes we’ll switch up and I’ll start us on a new pose.” She slid the top of her skirt off her shoulders and gently tugged it down over her hips and let it drop to the floor in a heap, tucking it to the side of the platform with a foot.

“Miss?” One of the students behind Gina wondered aloud.

“Yes?” Gina peeked back. “Is something wrong?”

“No ma’am.” The timid young man’s eyes shot away from her butt when she peeked back over her shoulder. Gina stifled a laugh as the student struggled to avert his gaze, only to helplessly peek back again. She wasn’t wearing anything too wild; just gray cotton underwear, a sliver of her exposed leg, and then the long cozy stockings. Her top was still on, for now.

“Andy,” she addressed the timid student. “Try to keep a level head. It’s a little rude to sexualize your models. You need to focus on capturing the light, and the way it falls across the curves of a body.” With that, she reached down and pulled her shirt off, exposing the gray bra beneath; one that barely contained her chest.

There was a muffled gasp from the room.

“What now?” Gina asked as she dropped the top onto her discarded skirt.

“Is is just, I think we are wondering if you will be,” Manon blushed at her feet, “au natural?

“Well of course,” Gina smiled. “This is a figure drawing class isn’t it? You need to study the form and figure of human body. It would be hard to study if you couldn’t see a nude figure. I hope that it’s not too offensive that I’m the model today?”

Collectively the class shook their heads, no.

“Don’t worry,” Gina said as she undid her bra and let her breasts out into the open air. “I wont do anything sexual. Just focus on my body’s curves, the places where my muscles fold and flex at different angles. Capture that with your pens and brushes. Do you think that is something you can handle?”

There was a drawn out silence.

“Well, that wasn’t very enthusiastic.” Gina said as she sat and stripped off her stockings. She tossed one at the timid student from before. “Lets have a little bet. How about that? Something to make class a little more memorable. You’ve all heard of the Center right? Well, we have less than an hour until class is over. At any point until then, any at all, you can help yourself to me and my body. You can touch me anywhere you want. You can, if you’d like, even fuck me. You have my invitation. No one will get in trouble. Who knows, I might even like it.”

The class stirred on their stools.

“However,” Gina pointed a finger to the air. “If you do any of that, I’d consider that very unprofessional. An artist would never, ever help themselves to their model. That’s very, very taboo. Consider this a test of your character. If you end up touching me, I’ll assign you extra homework. You, every one of you, will have to get yourselves blanked. I’ll assign one of you to go each week so that I may use every one of you as figure models for the rest of the semester. Of course, no one will be able to touch you; but I’ve heard it’s really, really frustrating to take a visit to the Center and to wake up after being blanked with not even the tiniest bit of gratification.”

The class murmured to one another nervously.

“But what if we win?” A bright-eyed girl with tied back her hair asked.

“Well, if you all manage to behave for the whole hour? I’ll suppose I’ll boost your grades. Extra credit for everyone. It should be enough to push them up a whole letter. Sound fair? All you have to do is behave for one hour. Well, and you must finish your sketches. You’re still here to learn, after all.”

Gina gave a smile and slowly, tortuously, lifted her hips so that she could slide her underwear off her butt. With a wink, she pulled them down over her knees and kicked them off. She stood slowly, caressing her leg with her finger as she did. The line of her hand tickling along her inner thigh, over her crotch, past her hipbones and up her stomach until it settled and cupped on breast.

“So class, do we have a deal? If not, you can leave now. You’ll have to complete the twenty sketches as your homework all the same outside of class . Those who agree, go ahead and raise your hands.”

Almost everyone in class did. Only Manon and two others shyly packed up their supplies and excused themselves from the classroom.

“First pose. Here we go.” Gina slunk down to her hands and knees. She pressed her chest against the model stand. Lifting her ass and spreading herself open to them and with her body presented, she invited them to make their choice.

“You all behave.” She warned one last time.

When she’d visited the clinic last Thursday, Gina had bet the blond nurse there that they she could talk her whole class into a visit. Now, she was ready to win that bet and enjoy her prize; a cheap bottle of wine.

Of course, she’d always known Traci wouldn’t show up. Not yet at least. She’d come in late, about fifteen minutes from now. When she arrived she’d strip down and join Gina on the model’s stand. Then they’d double the stakes. The class would be welcome to both of their bodies. However, the punishment would be doubled as well. Gina would have every one of them volunteer over Homecoming weekend. It was the busiest weekend at the Clinic all year and they were always desperate for volunteers.

She figured that bottle was as good as hers. Plus, it was always good to make a friend at the Center.

Would you take the bet? Use your cute professor however you want, but offer yourself up to be used over Homecoming weekend as a sex toy for FSU’s alumni, friends, and family? If you’re wondering how the class fared, peep over here. And, as always, if you liked the short give me a follow on twitter or consider leaving a tip. More tips help me spend more time in the day making art and do important stuff like have heat in my house and eat food.

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